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ArtNaturals Essential Oils Reviews

ArtNaturals Essential Oils Reviews

I have to admit I was tempted to try out ArtNaturals essential oils because the price tag is very cheap. I saw them on Amazon and almost did a double take when I saw how cheap their essential oils were. People were leaving them positive reviews on Amazon and they are one of the “best sellers”. They are certainly budget friendly essential oils brand like Green Health (see my review here).

Art Naturals ReviewsBut, as I have learned from past experiences cheaper essential oils are not always better. More often than not in this industry, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

I do have to admit that I have Googled “ArtNaturals essential oils reviews” and was put off a little by the reviews. For instance, at they got a 5 out 10 rating. They did state that their essential oils are adulterated, too.

On the upside, they have sold thousands of essential oils on Amazon and do seem to get favorable ratings. But, in this full ArtNaturals review I am going to show you what you get when you purchase their essential oils.

So, now I will tell you a little bit about the company.

ArtNaturals has been featured on many publications like:

  • Allure Magazine.
  • Shape Magazine.
  • Curve Magazine.
  • Bustle Magazine.
  • Popsugar.
  • Refinery 29.
  • Prevention Magazine.
  • Glamour.
  • People Magazine.
  • Business Insider.
  • The Good Life.
  • The Doctor’s TV Show.

There are two co CEO’S / Co-founders for ArtNaturals, according to their about us page. Their names are Osher Netkin and Joseph Nourollah. They also have a creative director who is Dusia Alekseeva.

They are an LA-based company and claim to appreciate and respect nature equally. They also claim to “create exceptional but affordable all-natural beauty and lifestyle products.”Here is a direct quote from Osher Netkin “Better to under promise and over perform, than to overpromise and underperform.”

Below I am going to tell you about my experience with ArtNaturals my experience using their essential oils.

ArtNaturals Pros

  • “Best Seller” on Amazon.
  • Have marketed themselves extremely well.
  • Cheap Price Tag.
  • Good Return Money-back guarantee.

ArtNaturals Cons

  • Proven To Be Adulterated.
  • Oils Come Out Of Bottle Too Fast.

So, now lets’ get started with this ArtNaturals review and see if they live up to their claims of creating exceptional but affordable all-natural products.

ArtNaturals Purity Test

ArtNaturals 100% Pure Essential Oils

The words “100% pure & natural” are printed on all of their essential oil bottles. Also, the words “therapeutic grade” are printed on the label.

So, whenever you purchase essential oils you want to make sure they are pure. I have written about purity and essential oils that you can check out here. Basically, if the essential oils are not “pure” they don’t really have any healing properties. They are just scents and that is not what aromatherapy is about.

So, ArtNaturals essential oils bottles come with the name of the essential oil on it. For instance, in my example, I am using eucalyptus. ArtNaturals tells you how much oil is in the bottle; .33 fl oz (10 mL).

On the side of the label, it has the words “concentration” on it.  (as a side note I have noticed when mixing eucalyptus with peppermint and a carrier oil to your temples it helps with concentration). It shows the Latin name for eucalyptus is Eucalyptus globulus. Also, it states that the oil is from India.

Lastly, there is a warning label that states you want to dilute the essential oils before applying them topically. Keep out of the sunlight because photosensitivity can occur.

Lastly, the address Gardena, CA 90248 and their website is printed on the label. Overall it’s a nice bottle design, but sadly this isn’t a fashion show and my ArtNaturals review goes downhill from here.

Remember when I told you the words, “therapeutic grade” are printed on the bottle. Well, actually there isn’t “grades” in the industry. Meaning, that there is no governing body that can say what is “therapeutic grade”. It’s a common misleading claim that isn’t new in the essential oil industry. Here is proof.

ArtNaturals Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

ArtNaturals independently test their essential oils.   Meaning they don’t send them to a 3rd party for testing.  They provide an analysis sheet on their website which shows the chemical compounds that are found in the essential oil. If ever the GC/MS report should come back with a note in the “comments” section ArtNaturals claims it’s immediately rejected and returned to the supplier.   I was able to find a GC/MS sheet on peppermint from ArtNaturals.  Here is a screenshot of peppermint:

ArtNaturals GCMS test "unknown"

One thing that strikes me odd is from the above test there are 8 “unknown” chemicals from their laboratory test. But, yet ArtNaturals still tries to pass off their essential oils as “pure”?

But, please keep reading because I am going to show you how I found out that these essential oils are not really pure.

They Are Really Adulterated

So, a simple blot test will not show you everything about the essential oils. I have to admit I am already on edge from quickly viewing their GC/MS test.  7 chemicals are marked as “unknown”?  It looks kind of fishy to me.

You need to do a GC/MS test to show you all the chemicals that are in the essential oils.  And it needs to be done by a 3rd party laboratory. Sadly, the GC/MS test cost thousands of dollars and I don’t have access to a laboratory to check the essential oils.

However, Dr. Robert S. Pappas (AKA Dr. P) of has run laboratory test on ArtNaturals essential oils.

Dr. P. did create a video title “SCAMAZON! – Essential Oil Scammers on Amazon”. The video can be found down below:

As you can see ArtNaturals was listed as one of the “scam” companies that were discussed in this video.

Also, on Dr. P has posted the laboratory testing, which clearly shows that the essential oils by ArtNaturals have in fact been adulterated:

ArtNaturals adulterated essential oils

ArtNaturals Smell Test

Ok, hopefully, you’re still reading this review since I have shown you that they are actually synthetic blends just like Radha Beauty.

But, when I used in an electronic diffuser (see URPOWER review) I noticed that the smell didn’t smell great. Meaning, that the lavender smelled very off. Clearly, they are not pure and I have seen this time and time again from testing out different essential oil brands.

Anyways, I put 7 drops in my diffuser and while I could smell them it wasn’t a potent smell like the ones I have tried with Aura Cacia and Young Living.

Within 2 hours of diffusing these oils by ArtNaturals, I had to add more drops to my diffuser.

They did come out of the bottle quickly like the ones I tested with Plant Guru.

Art Naturals Products

ArtNaturls does have a variety of different give sets. However, one of their most popular ones is this 8 piece set. It contains 8 10 ml bottles. It’s actually a “Best Seller” on Amazon.

It contains the following essential oils:

ArtNaturals does sell roll-on sets. These are for topically applying to your skin. For instance, they sell a “Top 8 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll On 10ml Set”. They use jojoba oil as their carrier and it includes:

  • Signature Serene. (anxiety and tension)
  • Signature Chi. (allergies, fatigue, and urge to overeat)
  • Signature Relief. (anxiety and nervousness)
  • Signature Cleanse. (focus, digestion, help clear sinuses)
  • Signature Zen. (tree, tension, headaches)
  • Signature Om. (nervousness, nausea, and depression)
  • Signature Solace. (anxiety, nausea, and over-eating)
  • Signature Bliss. (concentration, alertness, and mood lifter)

ArtNaturals has a gift set that includes 8 essential oils and a 150 ml diffuser. The diffuser comes in a wood design finish and is BPA free and eco-friendly. The lights do cycle between 7 different colors. There is a timer on the diffuser for 1 hour, 3 hours, and to leave it on until it runs out of the water. When the diffuser runs completely out of the water the diffuser will automatically shut off.

Art Naturals Price

Again, these essential oils are very cheap by Art Naturals. This is probably one of the reasons people buy them on Amazon. Down below I will give you a price comparison just to show you how they stack up price-wise:

ArtNaturals (10ml)$5.95
Plant Therapy (10ml)$10.95
Edens Garden (10ml)$10.45
Aura Cacia (15ml)$21.95
doTERRA (15ml)$29.24
Young Living (15ml)$27.90

You really do get what you pay for with ArtNaturals essential oils though. They are cheap but synthetic. People do write them a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, but I really believe most people don’t understand essential oils that purchase them online.

Art Naturals Customer Support

One positive thing I can think to say about ArtNaturals is they do have a good money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the essential oils that you have purchased from them they will give you a prepaid label and you can ship it back to them.

Within 90 days of purchasing the product, you can return it. However, there is a downside. Any of the products that are marked as a “final sale” or were a promotional or gift item cannot be returned.

Art Naturals Final Thoughts

While you might be tempted to try out ArtNaturals essential oils; I would highly advise you to not use them. They have been proven in a laboratory to be adulterated.  They use the words “therapeutic grade” on the bottles, which doesn’t hold any merit in the industry. While their price-tag is lower than other companies you don’t get pure essential oils with ArtNaturals.

ArtNaturals has done an excellent job at marketing themselves and has sold thousands of essential oils.  They are a “best seller” on Amazon. But, the sad thing is people don’t actually know what they are purchasing. The novice essential oil consumer doesn’t have any clue that they are not purchasing pure essential oils.

There are much better brands of essential oils on the market. A couple brands that I highly recommend are Plant Therapy and NOW. They are real essential oils and you can trust that they will not be adulterated.

However, I would like to hear from you. Have you used ArtNaturals essential oils in the past? What has your experience with them been like? Please leave a comment down below.

ArtNaturas Review
  • Product Quality
  • Price
  • Range of Products
  • Customer Support
  • Value For Money


ArtNaturals gets a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.  However, they are adulterated essential oils.  Therefore, I do not recommend them.

15 thoughts on “ArtNaturals Essential Oils Reviews

  1. Thank you for this thorough review. It was very interesting to see how you go about testing the oils. What I’m getting from this is that you can use those to get a nice smell around the house, but if you expect healing properties, go and buy something else. Right? Any suggestions for better options? What about Young Living? 

    1. Hey Petra,

      Yes, you are correct. The essential oils from ArtNaturals are scents, but since they are not pure they don’t contain as much healing properties. I am sure they have some healing properties, but unfortunately, I don’t know what is really in them.

      I recommended Plant Therapy in my article. They are an awesome essential oil company.

      As far as Young Living is concerned they are high-quality essential oils. However, their price tag is high, and I am not a fan of their MLM business model.

  2. I’m a soap maker and lotion maker and use essential oils all the time.  No two are different and the words they can use to fool people just blow me away.  

    I like that you pointed out therapeutic grade…..where does that come from?  I’ve seen and heard that so many times, but your right there is no such thing as a product being graded as therapeutic.  

    Just plays on words and when dealing with essential oils we have to be careful.  It’s great to see that you have shown the blot test, although it’s not full proof it’s one way to test your oils.  

    1. Hey Letsret,

      It’s really sad that they use all kinds of words to market their products even though they really don’t mean anything. Seriously, therapeutic grade? It’s a myth that Dr. Robert Pappas exposed in this article:
      (myth number 10)

      Make sure you don’t use ArtNaturals in your soap and lotion because I believe you will be let down since the quality of their essential oils isn’t really pure.

  3. I use essential oils daily and I am delighted you have created this review. Why? Because low quality products like these frankly give essential oils a bad name. If they don’t have the purity then they will not be able to do what pure essential oils can do – to boost the body to work at its natural state of efficiency.

    This is a very thorough review and including detail such as how fast the oil comes out of the bottle is very important because this affects your rate of consumption greatly. As I mentioned I’m delighted you have shared this and also the comparisons provided by the Essential-Oils Review website too.

    1. Hey Fleur,

      I agree with you companies like ArtNaturals that adulterate their essential oils do give the industry a bad name. It’s a problem that has been going on for quite some time, though.

      I really wish these companies would stop misleading people into thinking they are buying pure essential oils when they are really not.

  4. This ArtNaturals essential oils review was so in-depth and gave all kinds of information.  Well done!  I really believe a lot of the stuff on ArtNaturals is fake on the internet.  I mean look at their reviews on Amazon.  I have personally tried them out and were not impressed either.

    But, you have proved it by showing their GC/MS test.  I like what your doing and thanks for exposing these companies. 

     Now a days in the Own Line industry you never know where scams are coming from either their digital physical or either and products that you are purchasing. 

    Essential oils are awesome and really can be beneficial.  They need to be pure, though!

  5. Remarkable insight into the validity of essential oils!

    I wouldn’t have thought to delve deeper into finding out if the essential oils where authentic or not, except that they rank much cheaper than most in your comparison chart.  That would’ve been the warning bell for me and then I would’ve had to do some research and try and find out why that was the case.  But Voila! You’ve already done that for us.

    Thank you for bringing these facts to our attention and helping us to understand what true essential oils are.

    We have an abundance of Eucalyptus Trees so I did try my hand at creating my own essential oil since Eucalyptus essential oil can be used for so many things.  I used dried leaves and salt and kept them in a closed container.  We moved during the project and I’ve not pursued it to find out if my essential oil became usable or not.

    Do you have any advice on whether my essential oil would’ve become usable?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    1. Hey,

      Thanks for your comment. A lot of people fall into the trap of buying essential oils because of their very low price tag. Personally, I know that I have made that mistake in the past.

      Hopefully, you go with a brand of essential oils that is pure if you want to reap the benefits of these powerful essential oils.

      But, to answer your question. You are correct eucalyptus is a great essential oil. I do use it for a lot of different things. It mixes really good with lavender (and a lot of others), too.

      But, as far as making your own essential oil. That is a tricky subject. For instance, experienced farmers and distilleries are needed to create your own essential oil. It can take several pounds of a plant to make a very small amount of essential oil.

      Personally, I haven’t ever made my own essential oil. But, here is a good article I found which does show you the process:

  6. I guess the phrase “You get what you pay for ” comes into play here.  I am so happy I came across this article.  Essential oils are so great and in my case I believe they help me from a health perspective.  I would hate to compromise my health by paying less for oils that are sub par.  Thank you for the great info.

    1. Hey Dale,

      Yes, you are correct and you certainly do get what you pay for with ArtNaturals (in my opinion). I really wish they would do something to help educate people more on essential oils. They can be very powerful and help change your life in a positive direction.

  7. You did such a great job in your review to prove that these oils are adulterated. What an extensive post full of facts. I’ve never used these oils before, but I’ve learned one important point when looking for a quality essential oils, and which is to stay clear of the cheap ones.

    What about their beauty products do you not recommend them either?

    1. Hey NSOH,
      Thanks for your comment and compliments.
      To answer your question I don’t have any experience with their beauty products. I only review essential oils. I believe people need to know what they are paying for when they do go ahead and buy their essential oils, though.

  8. I have been wanting to try out aromatherapy, but I couldn’t decide which brand of essential oils to use.  Your article pretty much answered my question about buying cheaper brands like ArtNaturals.  I want a pure essential oil and the Plant Therapy peaked my interest right away, because that’s the type of essential oil I was looking for.

    Thanks for the review it has a lot of useful information.


    1. Hey Dora,

      Thanks for your comment. You will certainly find that Plant Therapy has much more quality essential oils than ArtNaturals. They do cost more, but it’s totally worth it.

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