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Bulk Apothecary Essential Oils Reviews

Bulk Apothecary Essential Oils Reviews

You know I Googled “Bulk Apothecary essential oils reviews” and didn’t really find a lot of helpful information on them. Instead, I found a couple poorly written reviews and a couple poorly done videos about Bulk Apothecary.

Bulk Apothecary ReviewsThere are a lot of essential oil companies that sell their oils for dirt cheap prices.

To be quite honest with you I just figured that it’s probably the same thing I have seen over and over.  Meaning, I figured that their essential oils probably weren’t pure.

But, I want to set the record straight once and for all for Bulk Apothecary.

So, I promise after reading this review you will be able to decide if you want to use them or not.

First, I will tell you a little bit about the company. Bulk Apothecary was started in 2010. In the beginning years, they were a tiny shop. This shop is located in Streetsboro, Ohio. Their main emphasis was on soap and candle making supplies.

However, over the years they have become one of the largest online retailers for essential oils and also natural ingredients.

They are founded on 5 principles:

Bulk Apothecary Principles

So please keep reading this Bulk Apothecary review because I have actually tried them out, researched them, and will give you my honest recommendation at the end of this review.

Bulk Apothecary Pros

  • Budget-friendly Price Tag.
  • Lots of Different Sizes To Choose From.
  • Been In Business Since 2010.
  • Quality Essential Oils.
  • Good Customer Support.

Bulk Apothecary Cons

  • No Clear Directions How To Use On Bottles.
  • Not Transparent About GC/MS Testing.
  • Limited Gift Sets To Choose From

Bulk Apothecary Bottle

So, I have bought lots of essential oil bottles from Bulk Apothecary in the past. For this example, I am going to show you my bottle of frankincense.

Bulk Apothecary Frankincense

The bottle will have the logo “Nature’s Oil” on it. Don’t make panic because your order didn’t get mixed up and I will explain why “Nature’s Oil” logo is on their bottles a little later.

Next, you will see the words “100% Pure Therapeutic Grade”. A lot of companies use the words “Therapeutic Grade” on their bottles of essential oils. Really, there is no governing body so it’s just marketing. Please see this article on purity and essential oils.

Then, you will see the words “Frankincense Essential Oil”. It shows the country origin which is India in this case. There is no Latin name on their bottle, though. Just in case you are wondering the Latin name for frankincense is Boswellia Serrata.

There is a disclaimer on the bottle that tells you not to use the oil if you are pregnant. Also, make sure you keep the bottle out of the reach of children and consult a doctor prior to using it.

There is a direction of use which tells you to go to for information on how you should use this essential oil.

Lastly, there is a mailing address which is:

1800 Miller Parkway.
Streetsboro, Ohio 44241.
Nature’s Oil

As I have mentioned earlier the bottles from Bulk Apothecary will have “Nature’s Oil” printed on them. Nature’s Oil is a branded sister company of Bulk Apothecary.

Bulk Apothecary Purity Test

Essential oils have to be pure otherwise they don’t really hold any medicinal benefits. Many brands like ArtNaturals (see review), Radha Beauty (see review), and Green Health (see review) don’t really sell pure essential oils and a lot of consumers don’t even realize it.

Again, the industry isn’t regulated very well so anyone can print nearly anything they want on a bottle of essential oil. I believe to put the words “pure” on a bottle of essential oil you only need to have it 3% pure. Keep reading because I will show you how to tell if the essential oils are pure or not.

GC/MS Testing

A GC/MS test shows all the constituents that are found in a bottle of essential oil. It’s a test that cost hundreds of dollars which will be able to print out all the constituents found in the bottle. Typically a lot of companies will send a bottle out to a 3rd party laboratory as a quality control measure.

I’ve searched everywhere on and and I couldn’t find actual test results that prove that their essential oils are pure. A lot of companies like Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oils are fully transparent about and show GC/MS test of their oils.

According to Dr. Robert Pappas of he has labratory tested Bulk Apothecary’s essential oils. As you can see the essential oil was ,in fact ,pure from the sample that he tested.

Bulk Apotheary GC/MS Test
As you can see peppermint had a natural essential oil profile.

Bulk Apothecary Smell Test

I have used lots of essential oils from Bulk Apothecary. Obviously, you don’t want the oils to not smell pleasant. This would defeat the whole purpose of buying essential oils.

So, over a period of 2-3 months, I have tested out various essential oils from Bulk Apothecary. I used frankincense, sweet basil, cypress, clove bud, rosemary, lemon, etc.

I used them in my URPOWER and InnoGear diffuser. I diffused them for 30 minutes and shut the diffuser off. The smell was potent and it lingered for about 15-20 minutes after shutting off the diffuser.

I would certainly put the quality of Bulk Apothecary’s essential oils up there with others who I consider to be the best brands of essential oils.

Bulk Apothecary Products

Bulk Apothecary doesn’t just sell essential oils. They also sell waxes, butters, ingredients for soaps, candles, roll-on bottles, amber bottles, jars, tins, custom printed labels, vitamins, supplements, lotions, bags, books, etc.

One thing that makes Bulk Apothecary truly unique is you can purchase very large amounts of essential oils at a time. For instance, with all of their essential oils you can typically buy them from 5ml bottles all the way up to 400 lbs.

Gift Sets

You are limited with sets with Bulk Apothecary, though. Meaning they don’t have lots of different sets to choose from.

It’s nice to be able to buy essential oils in sets. This can end up saving you money in the long run. Bulk Apothecary does offer two different gift sets. These sets include 6 15 ml bottles. This includes:

Organic Starter Set

I always prefer to get organic essential oils if at all possible. That way you know they are free of pesticides and other foreign chemicals. The organic starter set comes with the same essential oils.

I do like how both of their sets come with 15 ml bottles. A lot of competing brands will sell you 10 ml bottles. It might not sound like a lot more but you get 50 more drops with each bottle.

Bulk Apothecary Customer Support

Customer support is one often overlooked aspect of any business. There is a good chance that if you have questions on essential oils, products, etc. you should be able to contact Bulk Apothecary to get your questions answered.

You can call them Monday through Friday on their toll-free number at 1-888-728-7612 between 8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. EST. Also, you can email them or fill out their contact which their contact details can be found at:

Bulk Apothecary Price

The price tag is always something you want to consider when purchasing essential oils. There are a lot of companies that sell essential oils for really cheap. The problem with this is more often than not the essential oils are proven to be synthetic or adulterated.

But, where does Bulk Apothecary fall in terms of price? Honestly, they are at the cheaper end of the table. Down below shows how they compare to other brands in the industry:

Bulk Apothecary Final Thoughts

Do I recommend Bulk Apothecary? Yes, they are a budget-friendly essential oil company. While they are not as transparent with GC/MS testing as other brands they have been laboratory tested and been proven to be pure essential oils. I do like how you can literally buy essential oils in bulk with Bulk Apothecary. So, for essential oils like peppermint, rosemary, and lavender that I do use a lot of them I can get large amounts for cheap.

They also sell lots of raw ingredients, packaging, health and beauty products, etc.

I have used Bulk Apothecary’s essential oils in shampoos, household cleaners, lotions, acne topicals, homemade Thieves blend, homemade Poo Pourri, etc.

Again, I do recommend Bulk Apothecary. They have a nicely priced gift set of organic essential oils for under $25. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical of them when I discovered them because I have seen brand after brand over the years sell cheap essential oils that were found to be fragrance oils, adulterated, or synthetic.

But, I can proudly say Bulk Apothecary is the real deal! I highly recommend them!

Do you have any experience using Bulk Apothecary? Maybe you feel that I missing something in this Bulk Apothecary essential oils review. Please leave a comment down below.

Bulk Apothecary Review
  • Product Quality
  • Price
  • Range of Products
  • Customer Support
  • Value For Money


These Bulk Apothecary essential oil reviews show you everything you need to know about them.   I have used Bulk Apothecary several times and I’m very happy with them.

11 thoughts on “Bulk Apothecary Essential Oils Reviews

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing a thorough review on this company’s essential oils. I like that you’ve pointed out why the name of Nature’s Oil is on it. I also like that you’re transparent around the industry not having any regulatory body to monitor labels that go on products. This is obviously a marketing strategy, so reviews like yours helps clear this and allows the reader and consumer to decide if it’s right for them, helping them make their decisions thanks to your own experiences.  My only question is what does GC/MS stand for? I appreciate that you’ve included a test of purity which also helps readers be more informed about the purity of this product. Thanks for an informative review. 

    1. Hey Kat,

      Some people actually get confused the first time they order from Bulk Apothecary because they see bottles from Nature’s Oil. But, as my test results show from Dr. Robert Pappas their essential oils have be tested and are pure.

      GC/MS stands for Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. It’s the industry standard for testing what a bottle of essential oil really contains. I do wish Bulk Apothecary would be more transparent about their GC/MS test, but as I said I am very happy with their essential oils.

      1. Hi there! I actually emailed them recently, and if you contact them, they will email you the analysis of any oil you choose! I carry a wide selection, and they sent me all of their breakdowns in a matter of minutes!

  2. I have been using Essential Oils for a few months now. We actually started using them for my granddaughter as a lice prevention spray because there kept being outbreaks at her school and we didn’t want her to get them! It has worked like a charm and so we spray her hair every day with a mixture of essential oils. We have been using them from Young Living. Do you know much about that company? How do the costs compare? I ordered a big set of oils and a diffuser among other things so I am not sure how they compare price wise. 

    1. Hey Karin,

      Tea tree is an excellent essential oil to use for all kinds of problems. There are a lot of people that claim it can do everything. But, seriously it does have a lot of different uses.

      Young Living is good. I have used them in the past. Their essential oils are high-quality essential oils. I know several people that use them, too. However, their price is higher than Bulk Apothecary. Actually, that is an understatement. Their price are much higher than Bulk Apothecary!

  3. Thanks for this review.  I was interested in buying from Bulk Apothecary.  I was looking at their prices and figured they were just another fake essential oil company.  I have been duped time and time again from scammers that sell fake essential oils.

    However, you really put my mind at ease providing me with reassurance that they do sell pure essential oils.  

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Brandon,

      You should certainly check into them.

      I know what you are saying. Their prices are low, but they are 100% legit. Their essential oils have been tested in Dr. Robert Pappas’s laboratory and did pass a GC/MS test.

  4. I have to admit I have tried cheap brands of essential oils in the past and been let down.  I was a little skeptical before purchasing their essential oils, but now I am confident that they are actually legit.

    I did order their essential oils.  I got jupiter berry, clove bud, lavender, etc.  

    But, one thing a lot of people don’t understand is you should get a nebulizer versus getting a diffuser.  They are so much better and so much more powerful!

    Do you use nebulizers and what brand do you use?

    1. Hey Maria,

      I know what you are saying there are a lot of cheap essential oil brands out there. What is sad is you usually get what you pay for. However, with Bulk Apothecary their prices are low and the quality is good. What is better is you can actually prove the purity with a GC/MS test.

      I agree that nebulizers are much more powerful. There are a number of companies that I recommend for nebulizers. I actually wrote an article on it here.

  5. I have to admit I have been researching this company and couldn’t find much unbiased information on them.  Been looking to get into essential oils for awhile now.  I’m so glad I read your Bulk Apothecary review!

    I was considering using Bulk Apothecary.  I live outside of the United States though.  Do you happen to know if Bulk Apothecary ships out of the United States, though?

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