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doTERRA Essential Oils Reviews

doTERRA Essential Oils reviews

There really aren’t a lot of doTERRA essential oils reviews out there and I really can’t understand why!

doterra reviewsOk, I admit it there is a lot of information on doTERRA on the internet and a lot of people have used them. I have spent hours and hours reading and testing out their products. But, how accurate is the information you’re reading on them? I’m going to break it down for you in under 2,500 words in this full review.

If you are using essential oils it’s a matter of time before you hear about the company doTERRA. Currently, doTERRA is the largest essential oil company and most known company. Young Living is a close second, but in terms of revenue and popularity doTERRA leads the way.

doTERRA was founded in 2008. A group of health-care and business professionals aimed to establish an essential oil company. Their goal was both business-minded and based on passion. Their essential oils are solely created to benefit your health. The Latin meaning of doTERRA is “gift of the earth”.

They aimed to establish a quality in the industry which really didn’t have one. The FDA really doesn’t control the essential oils industry and there isn’t a real governing body in the industry. They wanted to provide only the highest quality and more pure essential oils in the industry.

Since essential oils are used on our loved ones doTERRA realized that they needed to develop a business model that appealed to a direct selling model versus just a brand that appealed to the masses. This direct marketing tactic would allow individuals to “connect” with people and build relationships and trust.

Currently, over 2 million “wellness advocates” sell and use doTERRA products in lots of different countries all around the world. doTERRA has a state of the art facility located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They aim to provide all families with the health-promoting benefits of essential oils.

doTERRA is an MLM company, just like Young Living. A little later in this doTERRA review, I will show you how the MLM business model works.

I have done countless hours of research on doTERRA, tried them out for myself, and will show you what to expect if you buy essential oils from doTERRA.

doTERRA Pros

  • One of The Best Essential Oil Brands (more information)
  • Pure Essential Oils.
  • Great Business Ethics.
  • Great Customer Service.
  • Prominent Essential Oil Company In The Industry.

doTERRA Cons

  • High Price Tag.
  • MLM Business Model.

doTERRA Purity Test

Essential oils have a lot of healing properties. Meaning, you can use them for pain, sleep, anxiety, stress, etc. However, they need to be pure if you want to benefit from their healing properties. (see this article on measuring the purity of essential oils).

The problem in the industry is people buy oils and learn they are a fragrance, are adulterated, or synthetic and don’t really have any healing properties.

Despite what many people think there isn’t an easy way to quickly show the purity of your essential oils. Many people try to use blot or blotter test, but this doesn’t really show us much.

I looked on doTERRA site for some kind of GC/MS test. A lot of companies will display them on their website to show that their essential oils are in fact really pure. Sadly, I couldn’t verify that doTERRA provides GC/MS sheets of their essential oils on their website.

doTERRA Essential Oils Are Pure

doTERRA does test their essential oils internally. Meaning they don’t send them out to a third-party laboratory. Their test is conducted by a GC/MS test (Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry). This shows all the chemicals that are found in the essential. Companies do this to prove to the buyers that their essential oils are pure.

I actually came across Dr. Robert P (AKA Dr. P) laboratory test at which does prove that the doTERRA’s essential oils are pure.

Here is a screenshot of the GC/MS test:


CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade)

CPTG stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. This is what doTERRA labels their essential oils for quality reasons. It’s really a certification process which they own the rights to. Meaning, there is no 3rd party governing body that labels their oils as CPTG oils, as I have already addressed in this review.

Here’s the criteria for a CPTG essential oil:

  • Must be pure and natural. Needs to contain aromatic compounds that are extracted from plants.
  • No fillers, artificial ingredients, dilution or other active qualities.
  • Don’t contain any pesticides, chemicals, or contaminants.
  • Tested over and over to make sure the chemical composition meets their standards.
  • Tested with laboratory GC/MS (gas chromatography and mass spectrometry) to show the purity and composition potency.
  • Overseen by a global network of highly regarded chemists and growers. This ensures that their plant material was in “ideal” environments and harvested at the correct time.

doTERRA Crafting & Harvesting

doTERRA Crafting

It’s important to have chemist that know what they are doing in the essential oil industry.

doTERRA understands the careful distillation of essential oils. It’s an art and their distillers have years of experience and use modern day technology and techniques to extract their essential oils.

doTERRA uses low-heat steam distillation with most of their essential oils (like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense). This steam is slowly circulated through the plant material. The oils are then extracted from the steam slowly and naturally. Their temperatures are carefully monitored and extracted at maximum potency.

For their citrus essential oils, their oils are extracted by what is called “cold pressed”. This process is extracted under mechanical pressure. For instance, orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and bergamot are extracted with this method.

doTERRA Farms

It’s important to know where your essential oils companies are getting their plants from. Meaning, the farms that they get them need to be from reputable growers that know how to cultivate, harvest, and take the best care of their plants.

doTERRA gets their plants from growers all around the world. But, not just any and every grower. They are from exclusive agreement (co-impact sourcing), so that they can ensure the highest quality essential oils on the market. Other companies can not get their plants from their growers. Again, they are from exclusive growers that only deal with doTERRA employees.

They have gardens everywhere from greenhouses, community plots, and backyards. Their farmers are located in over 40 countries. Other companies try to buy out large plantations where regulations are loosened and the quality of their plants greatly suffers.

doTERRA Smell Test

I remember receiving my essential oils in the mail. I ordered them from Amazon because I can buy them individually without being in their MLM program. Again, I will talk about their MLM business model a little later in this doTERRA review.

I remember opening my first bottle from doTERRA. I was so amazed by the smell of their oils! I ordered peppermint, lavender, and lemongrass. I quickly opened up the bottle of peppermint and smelled it. It was very potent and I knew these were some great essential oils from the time I first smelled them.

I diffused lemongrass and lavender in my living room with my URPOWER diffuser (click here to read my review). I put in 5 drops of lavender and 2 drops of lemongrass. I remember the smell being very potent. But, that isn’t a bad thing!

For a month or so I can remember being pretty excited to use my oils from doTERRA. They were strong and powerful. Obviously, the essential oils are very high-quality. Ok, now I got to be perfectly, honest I even after a month passed and for testing purposes, I bought a couple more bottles of doTERRA’s essential oils because I realized how awesome they were.

doTERRA Products

doTERRA does offer 42 single oils and 19 blends for topical application. Most of their oils are available in 5ml or a 15ml bottle. So, if you wanted to buy 2 or 4 ounces of essential oil like you can from NOW (see review) and Plant Guru (see review) you can’t get it from doTERRA.

If you’re new to doTERRA there is a starter kit where you can get 3 essential oils for a cheaper than retail.

doTERRA does offer a “Home Essential Kit Package“. This includes a diffuser doTERRA petal diffuser and the following essential oils:

  • Frankincense (15 mL)
  • Lavender (15 mL)
  • Lemon (15 mL)
  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree) (15 mL)
  • Oregano (15 mL)
  • Peppermint (15 mL)
  • Breathe (15 mL)
  • DigestZen® (15 mL)
  • On Guard® (15 mL)
  • Deep Blue®(5 mL)

I know a lot of people are shocked to hear this but; doTERRA doesn’t just sell essential oils. They offer a number of different products which include personal care products, supplements, weight management, etc.

doTERRA MLM Business Model

Earlier in this doTERRA review, I mentioned they have an MLM business model. There are a lot of people that are put off by the words “MLM”. But, really it’s not that bad of an idea. For example, you can buy a simple starter kit and don’t have to keep paying a monthly fee. I think a lot of people think of an MLM as selling goods to their friends and family, but really doTERRA is much different.

Just so we are perfectly clear you don’t have to sell their essential oils “door to door” like many MLM business models. In fact, they have a lot of tools that allow bloggers and affiliates to sell their essential oils.

Here is a good video that explains how doTERRA’s compensation plan works:

Thanks, for the awesome doTERRA video on their compensation plan.

As you can see their compensation plan can be very good for people that want to take part in their MLM business model. It does profit you more than the traditional compensation plan. They have two prices for their essential oils and products and you do get a discount when you sign up with them. Here is an awesome post I found on how affiliate marketers and bloggers can use doTERRA:

doTERRA Price

The price tag is higher than other essential oil companies. Out of all the essential oil companies, it’s probably the highest priced one. This might not fit into some peoples budget. So, down below is how they compare to other companies in the industry:

doTERRA Price Comparison

The below tested essential oils are for the essential oil peppermint.
doTERRA (15ml)$27.98
Young Living (15ml)$24.99
Aura Cacia (15ml)$5.98
Plant Guru (10ml)$6.99
Plant Therapy (10ml)$7.49
Edens Garden (10ml)$10.45

Again, the prices are higher from doTERRA, but the quality of their essential oils is much higher than other essential oil companies. It does cost a lot of money to make one bottle of essential oil, though. For example, 3 pounds of lavender flowers are needed to make 1 15ml bottle of essential oil.

Word of warning, be aware of companies like Green Health (see review), Radha Beauty (see review), and ArtNaturals (see review) that sell adulterated essential oils. True, they may be cheap, but you get what you pay for.

doTERRA Customer Support

Out of all the essential oil companies, doTERRA does have some of the best information about aromatherapy in the industry. For instance, if you ever need to contact doTERRA you can go to their website and contact them through live chat. There is a 1-800 number you can call at any time if you would rather contact them through the telephone, too.

But in terms of information doTERRA does offer a ton of it! I have read a lot of their blog post which are very helpful. Here is a link to their brochures.

Again, I want to drive this point into your brain, doTERRA has absolutely amazing customer support and provides a wealth of knowledge to people that are looking to learn about essential oils and joining their MLM program.

doTERRA Final Thoughts

Do I recommend doTERRA’s essential oils? Yes, but maybe not if you’re on a tight budget! They are the biggest company in the business. Their essential oils are very high-quality. So, you can trust that their essential oils will not be adulterated.

When I was testing doTERRA I was very impressed with the quality of their essential oils. They are very strong. They do have a lot of information on their website which is great for those new to essential oils. Also, if you’re looking to join them and sell their oils they do have lots of awesome information.  You certainly, won’t be left in the dark to sell their products on your own.

I would certainly say go for it if you can afford them. Their oils are amongst the most expensive ones in the market. So, you can expect to pay almost 2-3 times as much as other companies.

But, for me personally, I am not interested in selling their essential oils and joining their MLM program. I know their price tag is high, but the quality is certainly there. However, other people may wish to join their MLM program and sell them to their friends, family, and online ventures.

I do recommend Plant Therapy and Aura Cacia because both of those brands are affordable and of the same high quality. I use both of those brands aromatically and topically. However, for cleaning, I use NOW essential oils.

Do you have experience with doTERRA’s essential oils? Is there something you’re unsure about that isn’t in this doTERRA essential oil review? Maybe, you have some tips and tricks about succeeding with doTERRA and their MLM business model. Whatever, the case may be I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment down below.

doTERRA Review
  • Product Quality
  • Price
  • Range of Products
  • Customer Support
  • Value For Money


doTERRA is a well-known essential oil brand that I do recommend.  They are higher priced than others, but the quality of their essential oils is top notch.

23 thoughts on “doTERRA Essential Oils Reviews

  1. I have also heard of doTERRA and believe that they are the best company out there as well in terms of quality and purity. Its especially important to have pure essential oils especially if you have small children or pets in the home that will be exposed to it. I think its okay to invest a little extra money in regard to having a better quality product that can potentially be absorbed or ingested into our bodies, right?

    1. Hey Sophia,

      doTERRA’s essential oils are very high-quality oils. One thing is for certain you can purchase cheaper ones from other companies, but the quality of the oils will suffer, usually.

      You should certainly be careful with children and pets and essential oils, though. You should use 1% dilution with children. Also, there are a number of essential oils that should be avoided for dogs and cats.

  2. doTERRA is an awesome company.  Not just because their essential oils are pure, but they have allowed me to grow my business over the last 3 years.  I have to admit when I first got started with essential oils I didn’t know much about them.

    doTERRA does have some of the best training, though.  I’m glad I found them years ago.  They have allowed me to quit my daytime job and I am very grateful for them.

    1. Hey Andrejs,

      Glad to see that doTERRA has been working for you!

      I agree that their training is very good. They have a wealth of knowledge on their website, too.

      It’s good to see a company that cares about their customers and quitting your day job is something a lot of people don’t ever get to do. But, I am glad you get to work on your own terms!

  3. They are in-fact some of the most potent essential oils in the industry!  I have tested them many times compared to other popular brands.  But each time I found that doTERRA essential oils work the best.

    I have heard that doTERRA was started from people that were unhappy with Young Living.  Do you know if that is true or not?

  4. I’ve heard good things about doTerra’s essential oils product-wise.  I think in terms of quality, it’s nod that bad and in cases, great even. The bad thing about doTerra though is the MLM concept they implements which causes a lot of people to have negative thoughts about them.  I just believe they are overpriced, but that is just me.

    1. Hey Riaz,
      They are great in terms of quality. I know a lot of people might be “turned off” by an MLM business model. However, you can buy their starter kit and don’t ever have to buy anything again. No, monthly fees or anything. Also, you don’t have to sell their products to your friends. You can sell them online, which is a better option.

      But, thanks for your comment.

  5. It is good that somebody took it into their own hands, like doTerra to create a quality controlled essential oil. There are a lot of companies out there selling bogus supplements and beauty products, and its good to know there are some good ones out there that we can trust.

    I am sure lots of people are doing well from the MLM model, but unfortunately this sort of model always makes the products more expensive, as they have to get the money to pay the reps from somewhere.

    If you buy the oils as you do through Amazon, do they work out a little cheaper?

    1. Hey Michel,

      I agree that it’s good to see companies that we can trust. We live in a world where people rip people off left and right. For what? To make money.

      There are people doing good with the MLM business model with doTERRA. While I don’t disagree that it does make products more expensive with an MLM business model. doTERRA is a really good company to partner with because of their competitive compensation plan (from a business perspective).

      Not to mention they sell quality products. I do like their essential oils and do use them. However, the price can be a con for some which I do agree with.

  6. I am going to sell either doTERRA or Young Livings essential oils to make some extra money.

    I am considering using either Young Living or doTERRA.  I have heard more good things about doTERRA than Young Living, though.  But, what would you say are the biggest differences between their MLM business model?  Are they completely the same or is there anything that doTERRA does differently?

  7. I dont mind spending a little extra if I am paying for quality.  If Im paying to fund an MLM then honestly Im not interested.  Essential oils, I find work great for therapy and even some healing.  I love your article because you are to the point and honest.  I was wondering which essential oils you think are good that are not tied to a MLM.  I look forward to your answer.

    1. Hey Dale,

      I know an MLM business model can be a “turn off” for many people. However, its really is a great way to make money online. doTERRA is very helpful in setting you up for success, too.

      I don’t feel most people mind paying a little more for good quality essential oils, though.

      Personally, my top two choices are Plant Therapy and Edens Garden.

  8. Thank you for sharing this review on doTERRA essential oils.  I want to get into the essential oils industry.  I have a passion for them.  A friend actually sold me some oils by doTERRA.  But, she stated she wasn’t making all that much money with doTERRA.  Is doTERRA a pyramid scheme, though?  I know the quality of their oils is good, but do you think most people make any decent money from selling their products?

    1. Hey Julienne,

      Good to see that you are happy with doTERRA’s essential oils. They are really good oils!

      No doTERRA is certainly not a pyramid scheme. They actually have a pretty good payout system. As you get more people in your downline your commissions go up.

      Like any venture, it does take work, though. You’re going to have to put in some work to make money with doTERRA. Lots of people are making good money with doTERRA. Some are making thousands of dollars per month.

  9. Hi.  Thank you for sharing and giving us the information about doTERRA essential oils.  I personally had never heard of them so its always good to learn new things.

    I have a consistent pain inside my back just below my right shoulder and  I was just wondering what oil would be best to try and relieve this pain?

    The prices seem a little high on these products but if they help me feel better than I suppose they will be worth every penny.

    Take care and thanks again for the useful information on these products.

  10. Yeah, I can totally concur to the fact that doTERRA is a pretty widely known brand. I’ve never used or been exposed to essential oils, but I had heard of them. So, it came to a point where I just had to google it to know more. 🙂

    I totally love their meaning to the brand name, so much sense in regards to what their about. And judging by the well-knowness of their brand, it seems they’ve really lived up to it.

    I also appreciate you sharing other information on blogs out there that help to get the better hang of the doTERRA essential oil idea and all that relates to it. Not many bloggers do that, but I really appreciate you for that.

    Is there a blend or a single oil of doTERRA that you would particularly recommend trying? Or should I just opt for the Home Essential Kit Package? But I do recon that it might be too hot to start out. As I said, I’m pretty new to the essential oil industry and would really be happy the very first exposure to be enjoyable.

    And lastly, thank you for pointing me to Plant Therapy and Aura Cacia, I’ll also check out those.

  11. Hello there 🙂 

    I didn’t know about doTERRA until your article. I will Google it again about the doTERRA background. 

    About 2 years ago, I was in a serious car accident in the highway. I claimed the insurance since I wasn’t at fault. (police verified it for me). Actually, I was in the middle car as one car behind hit me and urged me to hit the car in front of me ( you know how high the speed in the highway and their motion) 

    Lucky enough that I hadn’t had any really bad injuries. I was referred to a chiropractor. About 3 months there, I received the massage therapy. As she suggest, I bought two kind essential oils at local store (in Seattle, WA): coconut oil and Mediterranean lavender. At that retailer, they have two different lavenders: one is from Mediterranean and one from La France. My massage therapist asked to mix up. I mixed with my ratio 3:4 coconut oil with 1 lavender. And the essential oils are good.

    Well, I don’t know if my essential oils are from doTERRA or not, but I am sure that the essential oils does have some health benefits. Specially the lavender it’s personal choice, but there are a lot of studies state that lavender plant, essential oil and many products derived they all help to reduce the stress, keep the mind calm. Keep the heartbeat low. And lavender are great help for sleeping (because my girlfriend feels very sleepy as soon she smells the lavender. 

    Thank you for sharing. I see one opportunity as you mention about the MLM and compensation rate. Therefore, can you provide again their affiliate program for sign up? Thank you in advance if you share. Even if you won’t, it’s fine 🙂 Since I can find a different affiliate program with local essential oils company or retailer.

  12. Great post and this is something for my wife.

    As you know, we only want pure oils, and we don’t care about the price, this one is expensive, but the quality is high.

    We love the Lavender smell, so we will choose this one.

    Would you buy a doTERRA diffuser, or you would say no, because the price?

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I use essential oils and particularly like rosemary, tea tree and lavender.

    You are totally right in saying that there are many uses to essential oils.  They can be used to freshen up a toilet by sprinkling a few drops to the floor around the toilet and on the wall.  I normally choose a peppermint or lemon essential oil for this.  

    I also use rosemary and tea tree in my DIY oil blends for hot oil treatments for my hair and leave in overnight before washing out the next day.  

    I have used doTERRA in the past.  Pretty happy with their essential oils.  However, because I am on a tight budget I use Edens Garden’s essential oils, now.

    1. Hey Stella,

      There are an absolute ton of uses for essential oils. If I had to make a list I would say there are well over 500 uses for essential oils that you could use every single day.

      But, since you did mention toilet spray I figured I would share my homemade Poo Pourri spray recipe with you at:

      I do like doTERRA, but I am not all that crazy about their price tag, though. Edens Garden is a great option for high-quality essential oils, too. They do have a pretty awesome loyalty program, too.

  14. The quality of doTERRA’s essential oils is what I love about the company.  I have tried others and always come back to doTERRA.  I really like how they educate people on essential oils, too.  They truly care about enriching people’s lives.

    Been using their essential oils for about 4 years now and I am very happy with them.

    1. Hey Quinn,

      Good to see that you are happy with your essential oils from doTERRA. I know what you are saying there are a lot of cheap adulterated essential oils sold online. Thankfully, doTERRA isn’t one of them.

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