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Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews

Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews

It’s hard to talk about essential oils without mentioning Edens Garden. They are one of the largest brands in the industry.

Edens Garden ReviewsSadly, not a lot of Edens Garden essential oils reviews are available on the internet, so I hope to clear up any questions you might have about them.

While I’m not going to lie to you and tell you there aren’t a lot of essential oil companies out there; I am going to go into a lot of details about their company and products that you can purchase.

First, Edens Garden was started in 2009. Grace Martin is the owner of Edens Garden. She worked in the natural industry for almost a decade and knew she wanted to create an essential oil company that meant something, provided affordable products, and to create a price-savvy product.

She traveled the world and worked many sleepless nights and knew she wanted to be in the “holistic: industry. Grace aimed to learn everything she possibly could about essential oils. Her dream was to create a business where people could reap the benefits of essential oils.

Edens Garden’s essential oils are used in aromatherapy offices, by massage therapists, naturalist, and homes all over the world. Grace is very grateful and loyal to her customers and promises that once you join Edens Garden’s family you will be a faithful customer.

If you fast-forward to the present day you will find that Edens Garden is a prominent name in the essential oil industry and provides a lot of people with the healing benefits of essential oils.

I have done countless hours of research, tested their essential oils, and will be writing a full Edens Garden review to show you exactly what you get when you buy their essential oils.

Edens Garden’s Pros

  • One of The Best Essential Oils Brands (click here)
  • A Prominent Name In The Industry.
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils.
  • Great Rewards/Loyalty Program.
  • GC/MS Tested.
  • Affordable Price Tag.
  • Mix & Match Your Essential Oils.

Edens Garden’s Cons

  • Limited Carrier Oil Sizes
  • Electronic Diffuser Are Expensive

Edens Garden’s Trust & Safety Promise

You can trust that your essential oils are not going to contain any herbicides, pesticides, or any other harmful chemicals. There is no carrier oil, additives, and they certainly aren’t diluted with any foreign chemicals. They are a world renown brand and trusted in the essential oil industry. Their owner Grace Martin has a passion for providing essential oils at a budget-friendly price with 100% pure essential oils.

Edens Garden Essential Oil Bottles

I order a number of bottles of essential oils for Edens Garden. The oils that are ordered were peppermint, lavender, rosemary, frankincense, and lemon.

For example, the bottle of lavender that I order contains the following:

The Latin name Lavandula angustifolia is printed on the bottle. It says it’s OK for kids (at 1% topical application). I will talk about the OK for kids line a little later in this Edens Garden review.

  • It shows that lavender is a steam distilled essential oil.
  • The part of the plant that the essential oil is extracted from is from the flowers.
  • Lavender is a top and middle note.
  • Lavender blends well with bergamot, chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint, geranium, and hyssop.
  • There is a warning disclaimer on the bottle telling you not use it if pregnant, nursing, and to keep out of the reach of children. Also, you should contact a qualified professional prior to using it.

Then, there is a little bit about the essential oil. It shows it can be diffused, used topically, and used in the bathtub.

Edens Garden Purity

Anyone that knows anything at all about essential oils knows that they need to be pure. I have written about purity and essential oils here.

Edens Garden does print the words “100% pure essential oil” on every bottle of oil they manufacture.

Next, I am going to go into how you can prove the purity of essential oils from Edens Garden.

GC/MS For Edens Garden

A GC/MS test is short for a Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry test. What this does is separate the essential oil into individual components. The essential oil is then vaporized before entering the device. The oil passes through a column with a carrier like hydrogen or helium.

Then the column will sit in the oven for a bit. The heat changes over time and different chemicals compounds are then captured. Then you can see what all chemicals the essential oil has in it.

GC/MS test can be done in an in-house laboratory or third-party laboratory. The problem with doing the test in an in-house laboratory is often times quality control measures are reduced and the essential oil could possibly be adulterated.

Third-party testing is an extra quality control measure that more and more essential oil companies are doing now. Edens Garden does do third-party testing unlike doTERRA (see review) and Young Living (see review). This gives their customers a piece of mind. Every batch of essential oil is tested. If a batch does not pass their standards they will never use it.

But, back to proving that the essential oils with Eden Garden are pure. If you go to their website and check on any of their essential oils they will have a report under each one.

For example, here is a report on the essential oil lavender:

Edens Garden Lavender GC/MS Test

GC/MS test are good for one year from the date of conducting the test. Edens Garden does update all the GC/MS test at least once a year.

Other companies will not update them for years and show you their GC/MS sheet which actually isn’t really valid anymore.

Edens Garden Smell Test

Earlier I mentioned that I purchased the essential oils peppermint, lavender, rosemary, frankincense, and lemon. Now, is the best part when I get a chance to use them.

For starters, I put 5 drops of lavender and frankincense in my URPOWER diffuser. I did this at the end of the day to help me unwind from a long day (see this article on stress and anxiety). Lavender and frankincense are very good essential oils for aiding sleep. You can read about the best essential oils for sleep by clicking here.

The smell was very strong and I was very happy with the scent of the essential oils.

The next day I used peppermint and rosemary in my tea light diffuser (see this guide to diffusers by clicking here). I commonly use these two essential oils when I am working and need to be able to concentrate. Again, the scent was very strong and I am very happy with the essential oils.

Since I have tested them in the diffuser I have used Edens Gardens essential oils topically, for cleaning, as shampoo, etc.

Make no doubts about it the scents are amazing with Edens Garden and their oils are very high quality!

Edens Garden Products

You certainly do have a lot of options with products offered by Edens Garden.

Edens Garden does have 140 essential oils and 80 synergy blends, which they are adding to. The sizes of the oils bottles are between 5 mL and 30 mL. Edens Garden also has 25 different carrier oils to choose from. These are only available in 4oz, though. So, if you need larger sizes I would recommend NOW (see review) and Plant Guru (see review).

Edens Garden does sell a variety of 10 mL roll-ons. They do sell their roll-ons in gift sets where you do get a price discount.

Additionally, Edens Garden does sell:

  • Perfume.
  • Bath Salts.
  • Body Oil.
  • Bar Soap.
  • Room Spray.
  • Candles.
  • Jewelry.
  • Bags/Cases.
  • Extra Supplies.

OK For Kids Essential Oils

Many of us that use essential oils use them on their kids. Despite what a lot of people think essential oils can actually be dangerous for kids.

Just like Plant Therapy, Edens Garden has developed essential oils that are safe for kids. They call this line “OK For Kids”.

A well-respected aromatherapist names Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, and a well-respected chemist Dr. Robert Pappas have joined forces to create a line-up that is safe for kids.

These OK For Kids essential oils are synergies that come with fun names like, “Healthy Hero”, “Calm ‘Em Down”, “Sleepy Head”, and “Sniffles & Sneezes”. In total there are 18 OK For Kids synergies.

Build Your Own Set

Edens Garden does offer a number of different starter sets. However, for those that want to mix and match their own sets you have the freedom to do it.

You can make a set of 2,6,12, or 32. This will end up costing you between $11.95 AND $144.95.

These “build your own sets” are great for gifts and meeting your own personal specific needs. Personally, I have found this to be one of the best ways to shop for essential oils. Not, to mention you get a nice discount when you purchase a “build your own set”.

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Edens Garden does sell diffusers as well as essential oils. What I like about their diffusers is they are more eye-pleasing than a lot of other diffusers.  However, the electronic ones are a bit more expensive.

Ceramic Bloom Diffuser

They have Ceramic Bloom Diffuser. They are available in three different colors: taupe, charcoal, and cream. These diffusers don’t require any heat or electricity.

You simply fill the stoneware with anywhere from 5-30 ml of essential oil. This is then absorbed by the wick. It’s transferred to the porcelain. Then it’s released into the air. Also, you can add a couple of drops directly to the flower which will enhance the aroma.

These diffusers are good for covering rooms that is 100-500 square feet.

Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser

Edens Garden does sell ultrasonic diffusers or electrical diffusers. These are more stylish than a lot of ones that are available in department stores and on online shops. They come with 100 ml water tank, power adapter, LED light, measuring cup, and a 1-year warranty.

You can disperse the mist into the air continuously or intermittently (30 seconds on and then 30 seconds off. These come in 4 different colors; blue, mauve, stone, and taupe. They cover rooms between 300 to 500 square feet.

Also, Eden’s Garden does not sell any nebulizers.  However, I have compiled a list here, which you can check out.

Can You Ingest Edens Garden Essential Oils

They state that you should not use their essential oils for internal use. They actually wrote about it on their blog here.

It’s recommended that you consult a medical provider or a certified aromatherapist prior to using internally, though. Essential oils are very concentrated and they do have the ability to damage your vital organs.

Lastly, the FDA doesn’t regulate the industry. So if you are going to use their essential oils internally just know that you are going against Edens Garden advice. Personally, I don’t ingest essential oils regularly but have a couple of times whenever I was sick or dealing with some issues that I needed to get squared away.

Edens Garden Price

Essential oils come in a variety of different price tags. Meaning, each essential oil comes with a different price tag. Some of them are overpriced or too cheap. Below is a table that shows Edens Gardens price compared with other essential oil companies:

Be aware of companies like Green Health (see review), ArtNaturals (see review), and Radha Beauty (see review) that sell cheap adulterated essential oils.

Loyalty Rewards Program

If you’re a loyal customer you get some awesome discounts for future purchases.

All you have to do is go to their website at and sign up for an account. Once you have signed up you are eligible to earn “reward points”.

At Edens Garden they call their reward points “notes”. You earn 1 note for every dollar that you spend. After you have earned 5,000 points you will earn 2 notes for every dollar that you spend.

What is great about your notes is they never expire so you aren’t rushed to spend your points.  This is something they have over Plant Therapy (see review), which is another awesome company.

Here is a breakdown that shows how much their points are worth:

  • 200 points = $5 (2.5% discount)
  • 500 points = $15 (3% discount)
  • 750 points = $25 (3.3% discount)
  • 1400 points = $50 (3.6% discount)

If you are confused about the loyalty program you can click here and it will explain the details more.

Additionally, you can earn points quickly by following them on Facebook and Instagram. You will earn 50 notes for each action.

Edens Garden Customer Support

Chances are if you’re new to essential oils you’re going to have some questions. Sometimes it’s just easier to pick up the phone and call someone when you do have questions. You can call Edens Garden between 7-3 PST. Also, you can email them, live chat, or send them a message through their various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Edens Garden Final Thoughts

Do I recommend Edens Garden? You bet I do! They are some of the most high-quality essential oils in the industry. They have a huge collection of oils to choose from.

Edens Garden is very flexible about how you can purchase their essential oils. I love the ability to be able to mix the oils I want and build my own set.

The price tag is reasonable and they have paved a name for themselves in the essential oils industry. You can even have your products gift wrapped for an additional $5.

You can certainly trust that their essential oils are 100% pure. I am more than happy to recommend Edens Garden to everyone who wants high-quality essential oils. Lastly, they have an excellent rewards program, which can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

It’s good to see a company in the industry with solid ethics and actually cares about the essential industry. Lastly, their price-tag is pretty low compared to other companies and the quality of their products is top notch.

Do you have any experience with Edens Garden? Do you feel there is something that needs to be in this Edens Garden essential oils review? Please leave a comment down below.

Eden's Garden Review
  • Product Quality
  • Price
  • Range of Products
  • Customer Support
  • Value For Money


Eden’s Garden is a very reputable brand in the aromatherapy world.  I have used their oils in the past.  I highly recommend Eden’s Garden to anyone that wants budget-friendly oils and top notch quality.

38 thoughts on “Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews

  1. I’m glad to hear that Edens Garden passes the quality and purity tests.  Thanks for a super review.   Independent 3rd party testing should be a must in this industry.  I have been burned before by buying poor quality oils in the past,  What a major bummer.

    I have an oil diffuser that we use almost daily…we got it two years ago and absolutely love how it changes the energy, mood, and vibe in a room.

    Also…just a heads up…as you probably note on your site elsewhere…many essential oils are toxic to pets…particularly cats.

    1. Hey Tim,

      I agree that independent third-party testing should be a must in the industry. There are so many essential oil brands it’s really sad for the industry as a whole.

      Many people are like you, including myself who have bought cheap essential oils and realized that they weren’t really pure.

      Good to see that you diffuse essential oils every day. It really can help with energy, mood, stress, anxiety, sleep, etc.

      You are correct there are lots of essential oils that are toxic for cats and other animals.

  2. Wow, that is crazy that you can’t ingest Edens Garden’s essential oils. Other brands like Young Living and doTERRA they say you can ingest them. Why do you think it’s different from Edens Garden? Are they not of the same quality as the two mentioned companies?

    1. Hey Lindann,

      Just to clarify it’s not recommended to ingest essential oils. Why doTERRA and Young Living create brands that encourage you to use essential oils is beyond me. (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) doesn’t recommend using essential oils internally. Here is proof of that:

      A certified aromatherapist should be contacted prior to internal use, though. Also, it’s best to let your doctor know, too. Essential oils are very powerful and it can cause a lot of internal damage. For instance, a teaspoon of eucalyptus can be fatal. Not that anyone would want to consume that much essential oil.

      No, Edens Garden is of the same quality of doTERRA and Young Living. Meaning, I don’t feel there is any noticeable difference. If anything the oils from Edens Garden might be better tested since they do use third-party test. Neither Young Living and doTERRA do third-party testing.

    2. Young Living and DoTerra say you can ingest their oils, but this is not something that should be done by anyone using any oil without the supervision of a professional who is trained in such things. As this article stated, some oils can damage your vital organs. Promoting ingestion is a marketing ploy to increase sales. Edens Garden is doing the right thing by saying it is a personal choice to be made with a medical professional, rather than misleading their patrons.

      This goes directly along with the ‘therapeutic grade’ part of the article. Without an independent governing body to monitor and control quality across the entire oils industry, it is important to not mistake buzz words for health advice.

      1. Hey Robin,

        Well said. I don’t think people realize the potential harm they can do to their body by ingesting essential oils. They are powerful and as you said can really damage your vital organs.

        I can’t believe so many companies use the words “therapeutic grade”. It could say “Micky Mouse Grade” and literally mean the same thing, nothing!

        Thankfully, Edens Garden does use that tactic!

  3. I’ve used them before and they’re amazing! I mix oils and use them on my face as a way to reduce acne and although it’s taking time for me to see results, it’s really been improving my skin. So not only can they be used to change our moods through a diffuser, but they’re natural and can also be used directly on the skin.

    1. Hey Reyhana,

      That is awesome that you have used Edens Garden! They are an awesome brand!

      Essential oils are great for helping with acne. I have written about acne and essential oils here.

  4. I have been using Edens Garden’s essential oils for several years now.  I love their synergy blends.  I use a number of them throughout the day.  I like “Stay Alert” when I am working in my office.  I diffuse it 3-4 times a day.  “Worry Less” is good when you are stressed along with “Anxiety Ease”.  But, their “Muscle Relief” is awesome!  I use it all the time after playing softball.

    1. Hey Letsret,

      Great to see that you use Edens Garden and are happy with them!

      Stay Alert is an awesome synergy. That blend has peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and pine in it.

      Stress and anxiety can really affect our lives in lots of different ways. I am so glad that essential oils can help with stress and anxiety. I have written about stress and anxiety here.

      But, using essential oils topically is one of the best uses for essential oils. I love using essential oils for pain. It can really help our body recover in a natural way.

      Again, thanks for your feedback on Edens Garden.

  5. I love Eden Garden products, you have already mentioned some of their best products. the quality of the essential oils is awesome and their price is very competitive. Beside the essential oils, I love also the Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser. We purchase it regularly for my parents bar and it does a fantastic job for keeping the air fresh and really smells so good.

    1. Hey Leo,

      Thanks for your feedback on Edens Garden. Their ceramic ultrasonic diffuser is higher priced, but it does work very good. I agree that one of the best things about Edens Garden is their price is very competitive.

  6. Wow, good stuff on Edens Garden.  I like that they over essential oils for kids.  I have nieces which I believe these could help with.  I have a 4 year old and 8 year old (both girls).  My oldest one has problems paying attention.  I would like to apply the one of their synergies to them her topically.  

    You did mention that Edens Garden does sell essential oils for kids.  But, do they sell a way to apply the oils to them topically, too? 

    Sorry for the newbie question.

    1. Hey Susan,

      Yes, Edens Garden does sell roll-ons that you can use topically. However, I have found it’s easier on the wallet to buy the synergy and some empty roll-ons. Also, buy some carrier oil. Then you can make your own roll-ons with their synergy blends.

      Otherwise, buying the roll-ons can add up quickly.

  7. Hi

    Firstly I must say that I was so glad that you did the smell test because this is so important to me.  I like to be able to smell what the essential is rather than wondering is I can smell it or not.  If you know what I mean.

    It is also good to know that they are pure essential oils.  I have bought oils that only give me headaches and so this is really important that you have tested them.

    I like the fact that I can build my own set which is another important point to me.

    Thank you for this article, I think that I will be trying these out.


  8. Edens Garden essential oils are well tested and love the fact they update the test every year on the website, I have just started using essential oils for my home and my health these are ones I will soon be giving a try.  

    The URPOWER Aromatherapy oil diffuser humidifier that you have on your site. Does it puts out a strong odor that would make it easy for me to use either when I am working or for sleeping?

    I do like that they have found ones for the little ones because lavender has always been a go to for me when it comes to children relaxing before bedtime.

    Thank you,


  9. I have been using Eden Garden Essential Oils in the past 5 months after a friend of mine referred me, surely there was a huge difference from the previous essential oils I have used. I love Eden Garden Essential Oils because it doesn’t have harmful chemicals, no side effects.

    Thank you so much for a great review


  10. I’ve been using a different type of essential oils sent to us by a friend and it worked even with children. I’m not comparing Edens Garden oils with theirs but just saying I think this is one of the brands that is trustworthy. Anyway, essential oil is really good, most of all when we have asthma attacks. I also recommend them to my friends. If ever I’m out of stock here, I will try Edens Garden essential oils for a change and see the difference with the one I have. In case you would ask, the brand name I’m using is doTERRA.

  11. I have used Edens Garden’s essential oils for several years.  However, their soaps are a godsend.  They are some of the best artisan-made bar soap I have ever used.  

    In the past years I tried to make my own.  However, I am not very good at it.   I do use the “Fighting Five” soap which helps keep you well like Young Living’s Thieves blend.  

    I’m so glad that I discovered Edens Garden years ago.  They are an absolutely amazing brand!

  12. I use a lot of essential oils in my everyday life. I consume them mixed with water as a medicine. For better circulation and blood vessels.

    Eden Garden Essential Oils look really good, from your review. I am really sad that you can not use these oils for internal use. It probably would not harm you but they are obligated to say that you can not consume them.

    Oh well, I will not use them in this case. I only use essential oils to benefit my health.

    Thank you.


  13. I love Edens Garden essential oils.  I can’t understand why are Edens Garden oils so cheap though?  I mean companies like Young Living, Rocky Mountain Oils, and doTERRA charge so much more than they do.

    I found them years ago and I in their loyalty rewards program.  One of the reasons I use them over Plant Therapy is because your reward points don’t expire like they do with Plant Therapy, though.

    1. Hey TP,

      The reason their prices are lower is because the ethics that they were founded on. True, businesses are in business to make money, but Grace wanted to keep the prices lower so that more people could enjoy the healing benefits of essential oils.

      I agree that is one thing that Edens Garden does have over Plant Therapy. It’s always good when your reward points don’t expire!

  14. I’ve been using Edens Garden essential oils since 2012.  I like how their products are shipped fast, cheaply priced, and the quality is amazing.

    I simply could not live without my lavender from Edens Garden!  You know I really do like the option to be able to mix and match sets.  This is one thing that allows Edens Garden to shine over everyone else.

    I haven’t used their diffusers, though.  I use one by Smiley Daisy which is awesome!  It’s much cheaper than the ones that Edens Garden sells.  

    1. Hey Brenda,

      I do agree that Edens Garden does sell amazing essential oils. The option to mix and match your essential oils is an awesome idea. Over, the years I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more brands start doing that, too.

      But, yes Smiley Daisy does sell great diffusers. I actually wrote an article on the best essential oil diffusers and they made the list. You can check it out here:

  15. Just got some Edens Garden essential oils and I have to say I am quite impressed with them.

    I have used cheap brands like Majestic Pure, which I found on Amazon.  I can say with 100% certainty these oils are much better quality, though.

    I got lavender and rosemary.  Love both of them, but I am going to purchase more essential oils in a couple weeks or so.

    1. Hey Frank,

      Yeah, there are a lot of cheap adulterated essential oils sold on Amazon. It’s the sad truth. The old adage if it looks to good to be true it probably is. There are so many companies on Amazon that sell fake essential oils, though!

      Just go with the trusted brands and you will be alright.

  16. I have been using Edens Garden for several years!  I absolutely LOVE them!

    I use their roll-ons everywhere I go.  Aches & Pains is so good before and after I work out at the gym.  Awake & Aware is used throughout the day.  It energizes me and I LOVE the smell of it.

    Stress Relief works when I am annoyed with my coworkers and boss.  Which happens from time to time as a rep for a pharmaceutical company.  VERY STRESSFUL!

    But sleepy head is awesome for going to bed.  I put it under my feet and on my wrist before going to sleep at night.  Then, I diffuse lavender and I am out like a light!

    Essential oils have changed my life completely!  Thanks so much Edens Garden!

    1. Hey Babsie,

      That is awesome that you have been using Edens Garden for several years. Roll-ons are a good way to go if you are on the move a lot. As you are well aware you can use them for lots of different things.

      Thanks for your feedback on Edens Garden.

  17. I always wondered how consumers can tell if an essential oil is 100% pure, as so many claim to be on the bottle or in their ads. I know I purchased some Lemon Verbena oil over the Internet which claimed to be 100% pure, but it most definitely had a “perfumey” sweet smell to it that was NOT Lemon Verbena. After this, I’ll look for a brand like Edens Garden to ensure that it has a brand name backing up the purity of the oils.

    1. Hey slowyarn,

      There are a ton of companies in the industry that sell adulterated essential oils. It’s really becoming quite a big problem! Look for the word “fragrance” on a bottle of essential oil. If you see those words they are not pure.

      However, you can trust Edens Garden because they do make pure essential oils. The price is on the lower end, too.

      I’ve been very happy with them!

  18. I have been curious about essential oils for a while now, and have really only heard of Young Living and Doterra. It’s great to come across another brand. I actually think it’s good that Edens Garden doesn’t encourage ingestion of oils. When I hear about wellness advocates talking about putting oils in food, I feel wary about the safety of the practice. 

    Do you know if these oils are available in Australia? 

    1. Hey Fiona,

      I agree that ingesting essential oils isn’t a good idea. I really can’t understand why doTERRA and Young Living encourage the use of essential oils internally. For me it’s just not worth the risk, though.

      Yes, they ship to Australia. They ship globally 🙂

  19. I love essential oils but I find that sometimes they do give me a headache hence I do prefer scented candles. Have you tried them?  I have never heard of this brand before, but I might look into it more now. I find that having a scented candle or essential oils helps me relax before sleep, some smells just have relaxing effects on your body.

    What do you think are the differences between scented candles and essential oils, though?

  20. Thank you for a most comprehensive review of the Edens Garden product line.

    It’s useful to know that they are not an MLM company, which means there’s a single profit margin, not requiring a price structure that has to support commissions up and down the line.

    But more importantly, the products themselves look fabulous.

    Great that they have a kid’s line as well.

    I was particularly impressed by the fact that you have bought and sampled the products yourself and so was able to review them in detail from your own personal experience.

    I’m going to have to try out Edens Garden shortly.  

    1. Hey Phil,

      Thanks for your kind words. Edens Garden does have some awesome essential oils and their prices aren’t as high as other companies. I’m a huge fan of their mix and match options and they do have a lot of great sets, too.

      You should certainly try them out.

    1. Hey Amy,

      Thanks for your feedback! Don’t worry about the negativity. It’s your opinion and I can respect that.

      What I want is feedback on different companies and you have provided me with feedback on Eden’s Garden that I wasn’t aware of.

      However, I did check and it doesn’t look like they aren’t actually accredited with the BBB. They don’t have any issues that are not resolved either. So, I don’t understand why they get a negative score of an “F” with the BBB?

      In fact, the two people that left a customer review were very positive.

  21. Product: Excellent, works on severe nerve pain; gives pain relief to my neck; upper extremities issues such as disc degeneration; arthritis carpal tunnel.

    I was tricked into this company, and the people above me profited from my pain. The sponsor above me stole my commissions twice, once $80 from the sale from my best friend, then again from a neighbor. She always said “oops” sorry I signed them up under me but here’s a used opened bottle of used products to make up for this. All along, you think you are in a great support group of women but they are not interested in being your friend.

    They are interested in finding out as much as they can so they can use it against you to upsell you &; get you into this scheming group of cats. My sponsor; her Silver economically profile people (think pretty woman) and if you are not willing to buy a $200-500+ starter kit; keep recruiting other friends; hard selling browbeating them into spending $100+ a month you are called out publicly. They refuse to meet you at their home or yours so they can use a “friendship” with you to promote their product in restaurants; coffee houses. Their business model is scrupulous; this is a pyramid scheme. I’m sad I got friends; neighbors involved but they’ve all seen through the fake bonding groups & fake friendships to know that these people don’t care about you. they care about their commissions. run fast; far.

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