Essential Oil Inhaler – Plant Therapy Review

Plant Therapy Inhaler Review

Recently, I got the opportunity to try out an essential oil inhaler that was made by Plant Therapy. They are certainly one of my favorite companies to buy essential oils from. You can read about what I have to say about this company in this full Plant Therapy review.

A lot of people think you can just carry around a bottle of essential oil and inhale it that way. I suppose you could do this, but there is a chance it could break and the scent will be very potent if it breaks. Basically, it will be a disaster and very hard to clean up. Also, you will be out your hard-earned money, too.

Plant Therapy offers a pack of inhalers that you can take anywhere you want. The idea behind it is you take it apart and put 15 drops of your desired essential oil in. Then you can inhale it anytime you want. So, let’s say you’re at work and you need to focus you could use peppermint and rosemary to make a focus blend.

Since we live busy lives we are always on the go. Inhalers have been used in aromatherapy for quite some time, now. What is crazy is a lot of people that are new to aromatherapy don’t know about inhalers. But, I want to share my real-life experience working with Plant Therapy’s essential oil inhaler. Down below this review will show you what it is and how you use it.

The Good About This Essential Oil Inhaler

  • Excellent Company With Great Support.
  • Very Easy To Take Apart.
  • Last For 2-3 Months.
  • Can Use Wick 2-3 Times.
  • Easily Get Replacement Wicks.

The Bad About This Essential Oil Inhaler

  • Only Comes In Three Different Colors

How To Use The Essential Oil Inhaler

Step one is to take the inhaler apart. To take the inhaler apart take the top off. Then you will see a vent. Gently pull the vent off.

Then, you will see a glass container with a wick inside. It’s important that inhalers have this glass container. I have seen a lot of cheap inhalers that are all plastic. I have discussed this in my essential oil purity article you want to use glass. The problem with using plastic is the essential oil can eat through it.

Next, you’re going to have to use a tack to get the cotton wick out of the container. Also, you can use some tweezers. The wick does fit very securely in the glass container, though.

Wick of Inhaler on a plate

Then, you are going to put the cotton wick down on a plate. Then you simply put 15 drops of essential oil on the wick. Make sure you put the oil along the whole wick. You can roll the wick around a couple times. The cotton wick will soap up the oil.

I like to wait 5-10 minutes before I use some tweezers to push the wick back in the glass container. Otherwise, some of the essential oil will squeeze out a little when you push it back in the glass container.

Inhaler Containers

All you have to do is drop the glass container in the long tube and snap the vent on. It should securely fit. Then, you put the top on. Then you can use your inhaler to inhale your essential oils anywhere you go.

Make sure that when you’re not using the inhaler that you put the top back on. This will help the scent last longer. There is no need to store the inhaler upright or anything because it will not run down and out the vent, either.

How Long Is Safe To Inhale The Essential Oil

As a best practice, I would put the inhaler up to your nose and inhale the scent for about 1-2 minutes. You can repeat this for 2-4 times if you want. You can inhale the oils throughout the day as needed.

Should You Use Any Carrier Oil

I have heard that you can add a drop of carrier oil. This is a fixative which helps the scent last longer. Personally, I haven’t done this, though. I did send Plant Therapy a message asking them about using a drop of carrier oil with an inhaler. This is what they told me:

When using essential oils in the personal inhaler’s you should not need to add carrier oil. This is only needed when using essential oils topically.

How Long Does The Inhaler Last

The inhaler will last 2-3 months before you need to apply more essential oil to it. If you are using the same oils I would use it 2-3 times per wick. Therefore, the inhaler will last about 6 months before you need to purchase some new wicks.

Can You Get Wick Refills

Yes, you can purchase wicks directly from Plant Therapy. They do sell a pack of 24 of them for cheap. I would advise against purchasing other cheap ones. They might not fit, absorb correctly etc. Just take the safe route and go with Plant Therapy’s wicks!

Put A Label On The Inhaler

Since these inhalers come in packs it’s a good idea to label the inhalers. For instance, I make this depression blend which consist of bergamot, lavender, and ylang ylang. To label it I use a Dymo Letrotag. You can easily make labels. You just type in whatever you want the label to say, hit print, and stick it on the inhaler.

Final Verdict

So, do I recommend these essential oil inhalers by Plant Therapy? Yes. They are well put together, convenient, and very practical. If you need essential oils and can’t bring your diffuser with you I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a pack of inhalers by Plant Therapy. There are a lot of cheap imitations out there. Make sure you don’t buy other inhalers that are made entirely of plastic.

Obviously, Plant Therapy is a brand that I firmly stand behind and you can use their essential oils or oils by NOW, Plant Guru, Aura Cacia, Young Living, doTERRA, etc.

Again, essential oil inhalers are a must if you’re on the go and want the benefits of the oils without having to bring a bottle or diffuser with you.

Have you used these inhalers by Plant Therapy? Do you have any questions that are not answered in this review? Please leave your comments down below.

17 thoughts on “Essential Oil Inhaler – Plant Therapy Review

  1. Wow, I never knew I could use Plant Therapy for an oil inhaler. This is great information.

    I also think your idea to label them is smart. I have used essential oils before, but they are easy to mix up.

    I also like how you can get replacement wicks easily, I know too many items that are not easily replaceable, so this is a plus for me.

    1. Hey Jacob,

      Plant therapy is really an amazing company. I think a lot of people over look the inhalers.

      I know what you’re talking about with your replacements. Sometimes it can be hard but Plant Therapy makes it easy and you get lots of wicks for cheap.

  2. Thanks for sharing the blog post and video on how to use the inhalers correctly.

    I remember Vicks use to have a nasal inhaler that would clear in mucus or sinus if you had an infection or a stubborn cold. Also, appreciate the links that are provided to purchase the products.

    How do you feel Vicks compares to essential oil inhalers by Plant Therapy?

    1. Hey Erick,

      Vicks inhalers are good and I have used them in the past. Typically, they are $5 to $7 depending on where you buy them. They do contain peppermint and camphor and fir needle. With Plant Therapy’s inhalers, you can make them and get so much more out of them.

  3. Thanks for this information. I’ve used essential oils before primarily to help deal with inflammation. But you can get them to help with just about anything..!

    Having an inhaler would have been great to give myself a little pep up in the office, but the people I was getting my oils from at the time only had diffusers. These work great to help you sleep, but an inhaler would have done the business for me during the day in the office.



    1. Hey Martin,

      There are thousands of uses for essential oils. They are not the “cure all”, but certainly can help some problems that people deal with every day.

      You should certainly try using an inhaler in your office. I recommend a mix of peppermint and rosemary. The peppermint is stimulating, and the rosemary is good for cognitive brain activity.

  4. What a great product! I was only thinking a couple of days ago that I would like something similar to this to carry around with me. I also think that if you carry a whole bottle around and keep opening and closing it all the time you are going to destroy some of the potency of the smell due to it being exposed to air so much, What do you think? We are using them a lot at work and I notice the smell goes a bit after a while.

    This is a great product, and one that I’ve never seen before. Thanks for the information on it.

    1. Hey Stefanie,

      Carrying a whole a bottle of essential oil in your purse isn’t smart. If it breaks it will ruin all the content in your purse. Also, it will be very hard to get the smell out of your purse.

      As far as the essential oil losing it’s potency. It will but that because as over time when it’s exposed to oxygen it will lose it potency. But, when you an inhaler the drops take about 2 months before you have to replace the wick.

      It really is a good product. I really love these inhalers and can’t understand why so many people don’t use them. Plant Therapy is such a great company and their essential oils, diffusers, etc. are amazing!

  5. I’ve never even heard of this.  

    We use essential oils in our diffuser in the house and I especially like them.  I pick a scent that will make me feel like I want to at that time and bang.

    I can imagine what an inhaler would do for me.  I just hope this isn’t unhealthy.

  6. Wow, I never knew you could have an essential oil inhaler, a great review on the essential oil inhaler – by Plant Therapy.  I did an aromatherapy message course many years ago, through a company called Nature Care (in Sydney), I think it has closed down, however, this would certainly been a popular item.  I could have imaged all of us students buying one of these.  Essential oils are so therapeutic.  Lavender is the best oil for sleep, this one is my favourite.  

  7. Hello, this whole world is a mystery to me, but something I’ve always been interested in.  I think that I could benefit greatly from these “essential” oils I keep hearing about, and I do suffer from anxiety and occasionally depression.

    What would be the best way for me get up to speed on essential oils and what they can do?

    1. Hey Robin,

      The world is a mystery to me too!

      But, seriously a lot of people suffer from anxiety and depression. Personally, I have struggled with both and essential oils have really helped me out a lot.

      To get you up to speed on essential oils you need to understand the purity of them. I have written about this at

      There is a lot to essential oils that can help with sleep (click here) and anxiety (click here). But, that is just a few of the problems essential oils can help with.

  8. Thanks for writing this.  I have been diffusing essential oils for a couple months now.  You know I never really thought about it, but I would really love something I could take with me when I am not home.  This looks like an awesome idea.  

    I have heard that you can make your own essential oil inhalers with old essential oil bottles that you clean out.  Have you ever heard of this, though?

    1. Hey RJ,

      You should certainly buy the inhalers from Plant Therapy. I am sure you will be more than happy with your purchase. Yes, actually you can make your own inhalers with a 5ml essential oil bottle.

      First, you want to make sure it’s cleaned out completely. Click here because I have already written an article on cleaning essential oil bottles.

      You want to fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with salt. From my experience Bolvian salt works good. But, you can also use fine grain pink Himalayan salt.

      I would recommend putting 5 drops of essential oil before you add the salt. Then add 5 drops of essential oil after you add the salt.

      I would always recommend you put a little screen over it. You can get a real cheap little screen at Home Depot or possibly use something you have at home. This will keep you from accidentally inhaling the salt.

      Always make sure you cap the bottle after inhaling it for 1-2 minutes.

  9. Thanks for your thorough review.  I didn’t know about inhaling essential oils, I have only over taken them directly in water, or in capsules in carrier oil or on the skin.What are you favorite 2-3 oil recipes to inhale and what are the benefits?I read into your linked article on Young Living as I have just started using them on recommendation.  Can I ask about them?  Their Seed to Seal production process claims to be the “best” essential oils in the world, and their oils are “therapeutic grade” are any of the other brands including Plant Therapy also “therapeutic grade”?So are plant therapy essential oils of the same quality?  Can you please explain why and how?

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