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Essential Oil Storage Ideas & Information

Essential Oil Storage

Are you completely lost on essential oil storage?

It’s a matter of time before you start to accumulate a growing inventory of essential oils. There are a number of factors that you need to consider when you are storing your essential oils. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your oils.

Not to mention you don’t want kids and pets knocking them over and breaking them. Essential oils can get quite expensive and anything you can do to protect them is always a plus.

Essential Oil ClutterWell, you are in luck because you do have options. In this article, I am going to discuss proper ways to store your oils and what you shouldn’t do when storing your essential oils.

I remember the day I realized I had way to many essential oils. I mean I had over 80 essential oil bottles. It quickly becomes clustered and hard to find essential oils that I needed.

Factors That Affect Essential Oils

Heat & Light. Make sure you keep your essential oils out of direct sunlight. As I have already shown you essential oils should be stored in a dark amber bottle or blue amber bottle to keep the oils from oxidizing. Remember that essential oils are highly flammable and you shouldn’t be leaving them on any stoves or window seals. The heat can chemically change the properties of your essential oils.

Temperature. You want to keep the temperature consistent. Meaning, you don’t want to be constantly changing the temperature of the essential oils where they are being stored. With rapid temperature changes, your essential oils will diminish quicker. Meaning, they will lose their therapeutic properties faster.

Oxygen. Make sure that at all times you put the cap back on your bottle of essential oils. It’s ok to take it off for a couple of minutes. You should always put the cap on after using it. Oxidation will occur when you leave the bottle off for an extended amount of time.

What oxidation does is deteriorate the essential oil’s properties. Keep this in mind if you are putting your essential oils in your nebulizer without using it for an extended amount of time. This is why I highly recommend only putting in 15-20 drops in your nebulizer (like the Raindrop 2.0 or ones by ArOmis) to prevent oxidation when you are not using it.  I do prefer ones by Diffuser World (this one), which use a bottle that you screw into your atomizing device.  (see my full list of nebulizers here).

Moisture. It might sound a little elementary but you shouldn’t store your oils where water can get to them. Meaning, under a sink or anywhere that water could get into them. If water comes in contact with them it will make the essential oils cloudy and dilute your essential oils therapeutic properties. Keep in mind that water and oil separate, but you don’t want the water to come in direct contact with your essential oils.

Where Should Your Essential Oils Be Stored

A lot of people prefer to store their essential oils in a medicine cabinet or kitchen cupboard. However, I highly recommend storing them in the refrigerator. I like storing them in the refrigerator because it helps double their shelf life. Also, they are easy to access when you store them in the refrigerator. Here is a good one by Cooluli that you can get on Amazon for cheap.

Wherever you decide to store them is up to you, though. Just make sure you store them in a dark, dry and cool place. Again, make sure you keep them out of direct sunlight and off heated surfaces.

Essential Oil Wooden Storage Boxes

Aroma Outfitters has some of the best wooden essential oil storage boxes in the industry. The craftsmanship that is put into their storage boxes is amazing. They specialize in selling diffusers, jewelry, apparel, supplies and of course cases for essential oils.

What is great about storage boxes by Aroma Outfitters is they come in many different sizes. Their cases are made of pine wood and can be stained or painted. They don’t contain any logo so you customize them to your liking. Each one does come with a foam pad that can be used when you travel. Their hinges are sturdy and allow you to use and upright lid (90 degrees).

Also, they come with free labels that you can stick on the tops of your bottles. They also come with a canvas carrying bag. The best part is they have a lifetime warranty. Meaning you can get wooden cases in the following sizes:

35 Bottle Capacity Case

  • 10.5″ (length) x 7.5”(width) x 4.0 (height)
  • Stores 35 5ml to 1 ounce bottles.
  • Can also hold 10 mL rollers.
  • Small enough to store away in dresser drawers, on your nightstand, or display where you want.

68 Bottle Pine Wood Case

  • 13.25″ (Length) x 10.75″ (Width) x 3.25”(height).
  • Holds 58 5-15 mL bottles.
  • Stores 12 roller 10 mL bottles.

87 to 100 Bottle Capacity Case

  • 14.7” (length) x 12” (width) x 3.2 (height)
  • Stores 75 5-15 mL bottles.
  • A slanted slot for storing 12 10 mL bottles.
  • Can remove the slanted slot to store 25 more bottles.

Essential Oil Fabric Storage Cases

You are not limited to just wooden essential oil cases. In fact, you can use a fabric storage case.  You can easily zip them up and take them with you and they are not quite as bulky.

Typically, they are a little bit cheaper but don’t offer the same amount of protection that a wooden storage box would. This one by Hytek Gear is a bargain.

I like it for the following reasons:

  • Comes in 8 different colors.
  • Hard exterior.
  • Light and compact for easily traveling (6.5 x 4 x 2.5 ).
  • Fits 10 bottles (5 on top and 5 on bottom).
  • Holds 5-15 mL bottles.
  • You get a small discount if you buy multiple cases.

Essential Oil Carousel Display Rack

Essential Oil Carousel’s

Carousels are a good choice if you want to store your essential oils on your kitchen counter or inside a cabinet. Now, you could use a regular Lazy Susan (see here) that you would use for spices.  Also, if money is real tight you could always pick one up at a thrift store for under $4.

However, they do make carousels that were created just for essential oils.

3 Tiered Essential Oil Carousel

  • Made by TheraPure Health Essential Oils.
  • Comes in black or clear.
  • Can easily find your oils with a spinning carousel.
  • Has three layers (tiers) for your essential oils.
  • Holds up to 49 mL bottles (up to 7/8” diameter).

If you do want a wooden carousel you’re going to have to pay a little bit more.  They do look much more visually appealing, though. For instance, this one by Doubtless Bay is a good one. Also, this one by MyGift is another high-quality wooden carousel for your essential oils.

Essential Oil Display Racks

Display racks are great to either have tucked away in your cabinet or on a counter. Just keep in mind that you want to have a display rack that is layered.

Bamboo Display Rack

  • Made by Seville Classics.
  • 8.75″ to 15.5″ W) x 8.25″L x 3.3” H.
  • Has 30-tiers which are expandable.
  • Steps are 3 inches in depth.
  • Made out of real bamboo which is more sustainable compared to hardwood or plastic.

Additionally, you could purchase one from the thrift store for under $3. If you want a steel metal frame display rack you can also get one here for pretty cheap.

Things To Consider When Buying Essential Oils

Bottles. Again, I highly recommend that your bottles are in dark amber ones or dark blue ones. This will help protect them. Also, make sure that you never store essential oils in plastic bottles. Even BPA plastic bottles shouldn’t be used to store essential oils in. I made this mistake when I first got into essential oils years ago (see Green Health review here). The oils eat away at the plastic and put impurities into the essential oils. (see this article on purity and essential oils).

Also, you can always clean out your essential oil bottles after you’re done using them. This is a great way to reuse them for synergies or blends that you create.

Droppers. It’s important to have droppers if you want to mix and match and make your own combinations of synergies.

Just keep in mind that your droppers need to be glass. Don’t use plastic ones because they can put contaminants into your essential oils. Typically, you can get droppers pretty cheap online.

There you have it you are now on your way to storing your essential oils correctly. Keep in mind that not all essential oil brands are the same. You want to make sure you are getting pure essential oils. Now, you can get the most out of them by following these simple guidelines.

Do you have any questions about essential oil storage? Please leave a comment down below.

3 thoughts on “Essential Oil Storage Ideas & Information

  1. Great information on storing essential oils. It’s so much better than just having them scattered about. Then, you have to search for them when you really need them.

    I do have a question, though. What about storing essential oils in the freezer. Do you think that is a good idea?

    1. Hey Kerry,
      Yes, you can actually put them in the freezer. However, I don’t because you have to naturally let them cool down before you can use them. Meaning, you don’t want to put them in the microwave or anything because that is a huge “no no”.

      I would say it’s best to put them in the refrigerator that way you can take it out and use it whenever you want.

  2. Like Kerry I find it annoying when essential oils are scattered about, it’s my belief that every thing should have its own place.

    Thanks for offering a few options, I actually loved all three (box, carousel and the racks) as long as they are made of wood.

    Appreciate the tips on where essential oils should be stored. Do you by any chance know how long they can be stored?

    Also it’s safe to assume that they go bad over time but are there any that actually improve with age?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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