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17 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil Health Benefits

There are a lot of health benefits to using lavender essential oil.

The Latin name for lavender is lavandula angustifolia and it should be printed on any bottle of this potent oil that you purchase.  Lavender is one of the most commonly used essential oils (according to Dr. Axe).  A lot of people are actually surprised to hear that lavender was discovered over 2,500 years ago.

Young Living (see Young Living review) defines lavender essential oil as one of the most versatile essential oils.

Most people that know about essential oils and lavender associate it with its sedative effects, calmness, and antidepressive properties.  But, there are so many uses and health benefits of lavender essential oil which I will discuss in this article.

The lavender scent typically can’t be overpowering with most people.  Meaning you won’t have headaches or any kind of reactions because the fragrance is very mild.  Simply put, it’s hard to “overdo” it with lavender.  Also, you can apply lavender to your skin directly.  It’s thought to be one of the most gentle essential oils in existence.

Ask anybody that knows anything about aromatherapy or essential oils and they will be quick to tell you that lavender is one of the first oils they purchased.  But did you know that there are actually a lot of health benefits from using lavender essential oils?

I do use lavender daily and because I buy so much of it I purchase it from NOW because you can get 4 oz of it for cheap.

Lavender Essential Oil Warnings

I do want to caution you that you should never swallow lavender essential oils.  The uses of lavender are to be used topically or inhaled.  I repeat do not swallow lavender essential oils!

17 Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil & Uses

There are many uses for lavender essential oil. It’s actually quite impressive just how many uses for lavender there are. I hope to teach you how to use lavender essential oil in this article.

Lavender mixes well with cedarwood, pine, geranium, frankincense, lemon, vetiver, tangerine, sweet orange, grapefruit, rosemary, nutmeg, clary sage.

Trouble Sleeping

Lavender Essential OilWhen you think of lavender you can’t help but think about it’s calming and relaxing properties.

The properties in lavender actually have sedative effects on the human brain.

So many people take sleeping pills, which are either prescribed or over-the-counter.  These are actually habit-forming and can give you a lot of unwanted side effects.  So lavender can be used to help you sleep.

In 2015 there was a study that included mothers that suffered from postpartum. They were divided into two different groups. It was the control and the intervention group. The intervention group inhaled lavender essential oil before going to bed. They did this four times a week for eight weeks. The women that inhaled lavender noticed a significant improvement in their sleep quality as opposed to the control group.

There have been several studies on lavender essential oil and this one proves that there are no adverse side effects from inhaling the essential oil to help you sleep.

How To Use Lavender Essential Oil For Sleep

Diffuse.  To use lavender for sleep I would recommend you use your diffuser before you go to bed.  Put about 7-10 drops in your electronic diffuser.    I use my URPOWER diffuser and leave it running during the night.

Topically.  You can put a few drops on the back your neck, wrist, and temples before going to sleep (make sure you use a carrier oil).  Lastly, you can rub it on the bottoms of your feet before sleeping.  I find it’s best to make a roll-on with coconut carrier oil 30 minutes before going to bed.

Bath.  To use lavender in the bath you can put in 12-15 drops of the oil along with 1 cup of Epson salt.  Soak in the bath while your body and mind relax and you will be able to fall asleep quicker.

Additionally, you can mix Roman chamomile with lavender which is a good combination for sleeping issues.

Lavender Essential Oil Bug Repellent

Bug repellant doesn’t have to smell like “bug repellant”.  Instead, it can smell like a floral scent.

The smell of lavender isn’t overly potent for humans, but for many bugs like moths, mosquitoes, flees, and midges lavender can actually be used as a bug repellent.

Topically.  In order to apply lavender as a repellent, you’re going to want to apply the oil to your skin. Do make sure you use a carrier oil, too.  I recommend using anywhere between 3% to 5% dilution with sweet almond or avocado carrier oil.  Apply it to your on your pulse points.

Spray.  To use it as a spray get a 2 oz glass bottle, 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil, 1/4 oz of sweet almond or avocado carrier oil, and a teaspoon of witch hazel or vodka.  Fill the bottle up with distilled water and shake it before using.

Relieves Anxiety & Stress

As you already know lavender has been known to calm people down. It’s one of the best essential oils to protect against neurological damage.

There have even been studies which show people that inhale lavender oil and rosemary oil actually had less stress and anxiety before taking a test. Many schools all around the world use this mixture to help their students relax before taking a test.

There have been countless studies that show when lavender was applied topically or diffused it helped with postpartum, PTSD, etc.

Lavender is perfect for relieving stress and anxiety.  I have already written about this extensively.  The relieving properties in lavender help to remove the nervous exhaustion and restlessness while promoting an increase in mental activity.

How To Use Lavender Essential Oil For Stress & Anxiety

Diffuse.  Add 7-10 drops to your electronic diffuser and breathe in the aroma throughout the day.  I highly recommend the InnoGear 150 ml for smaller rooms.

Inhaler.  Use an inhaler (I recommend Plant Therapy’s inhalers) and breathe it in for 1-2 minutes throughout the day.

Topically.  Use a carrier oil (like coconut) with lavender (5% dilution) and apply it on your wrist, behind your ears, on your neck, or on the base of your skull.

Lavender Essential Oil For Acne

Millions of people struggle with acne every year.  One thing dermatologist and aromatherapist can agree on is lavender essential oils are a beneficial treatment to acne.  There are several different kinds of acne.  But when sebum can’t be secreted from sebum glands it begins to build up.  Thus, acne is more likely to develop.

The bacteria buildup and extra sebum are a recipe for acne.  Lavender essential oil has a lot of antibacterial properties that prevent acne from developing.  This is why it’s so good at reducing acne.

A lot of the prescription topicals for treating acne often leave your skin very dry.  But, lavender essential oil can be used for those with dry skin because lavender essential oil will hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Topically.  Add small amounts of lavender essential oil to your skin creams and ointments to help prevent acne or speed up the healing process.  You can create a roll on with tea tree and lavender mixed with aloe vera gel or grapeseed carrier oil and apply it with a cotton ball 2-3 times a day.  Make the dilution between 3%-5%.

Check out this article I have written on essential and acne.

Diabetes And Lavender

There are a lot of people suffering from diabetes.  Lavender is effective when relieving diabetes.  I’m not stating that you shouldn’t use your prescriptions, but lavender essential oil can certainly help. In 2014, a scientist from Tunisia conducted a study to measure the effects of lavender essential oil and blood sugar.  During this 15 day study with animals, the results were fantastic.  Here is what this study helped with:

  • Increased the levels of blood glucose.
  • Helped with metabolic disorders (specifically fat metabolism).
  • Antioxidant depletion for the liver and kidneys.
  • Gaining weight.
  • Weight gain liver and kidney dysfunction.
  • Liver and kidney lipoperoxidation (this happens when free radicals highjack fat molecules from cell membranes).

Topically.  I would suggest that you apply it to your neck and chest 3 times a day with coconut carrier oil.

Diffuse.  Add 5-8 drops to your diffuser and inhale the lavender throughout the day.

Heal Cuts & Burns Quicker

Lavender has been studied exclusively for wound care. And by exclusively I mean over 100 times.

If you have a cut or burn yourself you can use lavender to help your wound heal quicker. It makes perfect sense that lavender essential oil when applied can be effective to heal your body quicker. Lavender has antimicrobial properties which can be used to kill bacteria and fungus.

Topically. Mix 3-5 drops of lavender with 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil. Then you can use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to your scrapes and burns. Apply a couple times a day. Lastly, lavender essential oil will minimize scars from forming.

Stimulates Your Urine Flow

If you’re suffering from urinary disorders lavender essential oil can help with your urinary problems.  This is done by increasing your urine production.  This stimulates and even restores your hormonal balance and reduces your cystitis or inflammation in your bladder.  Also, you should know that it reduces cramps, too.

Aids Respiratory Disorders

The vapor and lavender essential oils have a lot of antibacterial qualities.  If you have a history of respiratory disorders you will find lavender to be beneficial.  This could include anything from a sore throat, cough, throat infection, flu, a cold, asthma, sinus congestion, laryngitis, tonsillitis, and even bronchitis.  Not to mention, lavender essential oil can be used to loosen up phlegm or relieve congestion.

Topically.  Rub it on your chest and throat.  Make sure you use a carrier oil and use 3% to 5% dilution.

Diffuse.  Add lavender and eucalyptus to your diffuser.

Hair Care

Lavender and hair care go hand-in-hand.  Lavender essential oils can actually be an effective treatment for hair loss.  I have already written about using lavender for hair loss.  Most patients that suffer from alopecia, which is an autoimmune disease where the body rejects hair follicles.  There have been studies that show that 40% of patients have an increased growth of hair by rubbing lavender essential oil on their scalp.  Also, lavender is a recommended preventative treatment for male pattern baldness.

Topically.  You can create your own homemade shampoo and use lavender.  Also, you can add a couple of drops to your store-bought shampoo, as well.

Helps Prevent Cancer

I’m not stating that lavender essential oil is a cure for cancer.  

But, breast cancer has proven to be hereditary.

There have been several studies on lavender and cancer.  Most notably using lavender helps reduce your risk of breast cancer.  Lavender does this by battling the carcinogenic effects and prevents cancer before it can start developing.

Improves Your Blood Circulation

Your blood circulating like it should helps every organ in your body.

The better our blood circulates through our body the better off we are.  Especially for those that have high blood pressure.  Lavender essential oil actually aids in lowering your blood pressure and is a common treatment for hypertension.

So while true your organs will have an increased circulation; more importantly your oxygen levels to your organs and body parts will increase.  This will allow your muscles to strengthen, but also your brain activity will increase.

Helps Digestion

A lot of people that have digestion problems might turn to lavender essential oil.  This helps food pass within the intestines.  Lavender does stimulate the production of gastric juices and bile.  Therefore if you have stomach pain, flatulence, vomiting, diarrhea, or colic lavender can sure help with your digestive issues.

Another essential oil that helps with digestion is peppermint.

Boost Immunity

I’m sure we have all heard that Vitamin C helps boost your immunity.  Meaning in theory if you take extra Vitamin C you should be less likely to get sick.  Well as I mentioned several times already lavender has lots antibacterial qualities which make it perfect for boosting your immune system.

There have actually been studies which show lavender essential oil reduces your chances of diseases like diphtheria, typhoid, and TB.

Treats Eczema

Lavender has been used to treat different skin disorders. As I mentioned earlier it can be used to treat acne. A lot of people are surprised to hear that you can treat wrinkles, psoriasis, and various other inflammatory conditions.  It should be no surprise that lavender has been used to relieve eczema.    

Typically lavender will help speed up the healing process.

Topically.  Lavender can be mixed with tea tree to help treat eczema.  Then you can apply it topically 1-3 times a day.  Here is a good recipe:

  • 1/2 cup raw shea butter.
  • 1/2 almond oil.
  • 1 tablespoon of raw organic honey.
  • 35 drops of lavender.
  • 5 drops of tea tree.

Use a double boiler to melt your shea butter and almond oil. Add your honey. Add your lavender and tea tree. Put the contents in a mason jar. Wait for the mixture to cool.

Lavender And Headaches

There are millions of people every day that have problems with headaches and migraines. Lavender essential oil is a good remedy for headaches.  This essential oil induces relaxation, works as a sedative, and helps with anxiety.  Therefore it makes perfect sense that lavender will help relieve your headaches.

Specifically, migraines have been proven to be reduced when you inhale lavender for 15 minutes a day.  Here is a study that has shown that of the 129 patients studied 92 of them had a reduction in pain from migraines.

Inhale.  Use an inhaler and inhale lavender for 1-2 minutes anytime you want during the day.

Diffuse.  You can diffuse lavender in your electronic diffuser throughout the day.

Topically.  Can create a roll-on and apply the lavender to your temples, neck, and forehead to reduce headaches.

Along with using peppermint oil, you can rub it on your back neck and temples.  Using lavender is also a great way to relieve your headaches.  Also, you can inhale it from the bottle to help reduce your headaches.

Lavender Essential Oil And Pain Relief

Lavender Essential OilPeople have aches and pains all the time.  Sadly, it’s a fact of life and we need to deal with it without using narcotics, prescription painkillers, etc.

Lavender essential oil will reduce inflammation and reduce the pain severity when applied topically.

There have been several studies on lavender essential oils regarding pain.  For instance, they have done a test with dialysis patients and lavender was shown to reduce pain.  Also lavender reduced the anxiety of being stuck with a needle.  Also, there have been studies that proved neck pain was reduced when lavender, marjoram, peppermint, and black pepper when applied topically.

For women rubbing lavender oil on the dry skin can relieve dysmenorrhea.  This is associated with menstrual pain and in the lower abdomen.  Therefore it can be a natural remedy for PMS and menstrual cramps, too.

Topically.  Use lavender essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil.  You can create a roll-on, lotion, etc. and use it whenever your muscles, joints, etc. are hurting.

Lastly, there are essential oil companies that do not sell pure essential oils.  I have shown you that Green Health, ArtNaturals, and Radha Beauty sell synthetic essential oils which really don’t come with the above-mentioned health benefits. I would highly recommend that you buy essential oils from Plant Therapy, Edens Garden, and Aura Cacia if you want good high-quality essential oils.

Hopefully, this clears up any questions you might have on lavender essential oils.  Please if you have any questions about lavender essential oils leave a comment down below.

51 thoughts on “17 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

  1. I love the smell of lavender oil.
    I used to use it in the bathtub after a heavy duty working day.
    I did use it because of the relaxing and relieving qualities.
    I didn’t know it has so many health benefits. Interesting to learn this. I’ll have to start planting lavender again.

    1. Hey Stefan,

      You’re not the only one that uses lavender in the bathtub. A lot of people do it actually. It’s great to help you relax and unwind from a long day. It has a lot of healing properties which help your body recover, too. They even sell Epson salt and guess what it’s scented with lavender, too.

  2. Great post! I love essential oils! Lavender oil is one of my go-to favorites. The other is peppermint oil. They each help with so many things! In fact, I often combine the two essential oils. I have used lavender oil for many things like sinus pressure relief, tension headaches, stress relief, pain relief, bug repellent, relaxation at bedtime or after a long day at work. If I wake up during the night, it’s a treat to use lavender oil, b/c I fall back to sleep so quickly. Now that I found your site, I’ll be checking back for future posts and information.

    1. Hey Colleen,

      It’s a lot of peoples go-to essential oil. It mixes very good with lots of different essential oils. As you have stated it really does help with a lot of aches and pains. But, for sleep lavender is one of the best oils you can use. Also, try vetiver for sleep. It’s one of the most effective sleep essential oils.

  3. I have been hearing a lot about essential oils lately and the incredible benefits. Lavender essential oils seem to be one of the more popular varieties. I am very interested in giving this a shot, specifically because of #1, I have trouble sleeping. Do you have more information on using a diffuser? I have heard of these and have a general idea, but I don’t own one. As for the lavender oil, it’s nice to know I can apply it directly to my neck and feet, something I would never have known otherwise. I have tried sleeping pills, but they don’t seem to help, so I thought maybe a natural method would be better. It’s nice to know you can’t “overdo” it with lavender essential oils. I am anxious to give this a shot and hopefully, my sleep will improve.

    1. Hey Steve,

      A lot of people have trouble sleeping at night. For me I have always been kind of a night owl. I have a hard time shutting my brain down. Over the years I have learned to love lavender because of it’s calming effect. Here is how I use lavender to help me sleep:

      First, I don’t watch any television 30 minutes before bed. Next, I take a warm shower before laying down to go to sleep. Then, I use my electronic diffusor and put 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil in. I use a carrier oil and mix a couple drops of lavender in. I then smell my hands and rub the lavender behind my ears and at base of my throat.

      It only takes about 5 minutes for the lavender to be absorbed. Then after that at about 20 minutes it will be in full effect. Meaning that the lavender that is absorbed in your body will be at it’s highest level. You won’t feel sedated for anything like you would with sleeping pills. Then, it’s so much easier to fall asleep.

      Also, you can sprinkle lavender on your pillow sheets, put a blanket in the laundry. Make sure you don’t use heat if you can. This will reduce the effectiveness of the essential oil.

      Also, if baths are your thing you can mix 8-10 drops in the bathwater and lay in the bath for 15-20 minutes before going to sleep to.

      Also, here is the exact electronic diffusor that I use:

      Hope this helps.

  4. Lavender is one of my favorite essential oils that I have been using for several years now. I actually have a neck wrap that I sprinkle a couple of drops of essential oil on. I do this after I warm it up the microwave. It’s excellent for aiding in relaxing my neck when I used the heated wrap.

    1. Thanks for letting us know how you use Lavender essential oil. There are countless ways can use the oils. In the past, I too have put a couple of drops of lavender oil on my neck wrap, too. You are certainly correct that it does help you relax and at the same time helps the pain that is in your neck.

  5. I do love the smell of lavender, so for this essential oil to have so many benefits is great! I can see myself using it for a variety of things, as well as for my family. Thanks for sharing this great information!

  6. wow I never knew that lavender could be used as a bug repellent.
    This will come in handy in summer for people like me who live in a very hot country because mosquitoes give us hell during the summer season.
    Thank you for this.

    1. Hey Thabo,

      Yep it’s a wonderful bug repellant. I suggest you try it out and keep them bugs away from you!

  7. Love Lavender oil. Did not know it has so so many benefits including hair loss. Is it safe to directly use Lavender oil on the scalp?
    Also for Acne, do you recommend just rubbing oil on acne areas or the entire face?

    1. Hey Dini,

      Good questions. You should always apply essential oils with a carrier oil. You could end up having a reaction to it. There is a something called sensitization and it can happen the 500th time you use the oil. If you develop sensitization it can take months to recover from it.

      Essential oils are very powerful and I don’t recommend applying them without a carrier oil!

      For acne, I would use a cotton ball and just dab it on whiteheads and blackheads. Again, you don’t want to overdo it and certainly don’t scrub pimples.

      I wouldn’t recommend applying it to your entire face, though. Maybe just use it 3 times a week. Lavender is one of the lighter essential oils that typically doesn’t have to many reactions. But, I like to play it safe.

    1. Hey John,
      Yes, lavender is great to use for cleaning! It has a lot of properties that make it a germ-killing machine. In fact, I have created a cleaning with essential oils recipes guide. One of the common essential oils I use is lavender. It’s much better than using store-bought cleaning products that contain harmful toxic chemicals.

  8. Wow, thanks I didn’t know that lavender was good for all the stuff mentioned in this article. I just purchased some essential oils from Green Health and I am excited to use it!

    1. Hey Courtney,

      Glad to see that you have been using lavender essential oil. It’s one of the most useful essential oils. It’s so good for a lot of different things.

      However, I do want to let you know that there are better companies than Green Health. I have my doubts on the purity of their essential oils. I know they are cheap, but Plant Therapy, Aura Cacia, NOW, and Plant Guru are much better options for essential oils, though.

  9. I LOVE essential oils but I didn’t know that Lavender had this many benefits. When I get a pedicure – I ask for a lavender foot mask. Plus the smell is amazing. Do you think you could get the same results if you put the lavender oil in a bath? If not, maybe a lavender bath bomb? I don’t prefer bath bombs because of all the extra ingredients in them while essential oils can be USDA Organic. I know that you can put this oil in a diffuser & it also has benefits.

    1. Hey Rachel,

      Lavender is an excellent essential oil for feet bath. Lots of spas all around the world use lavender for their foot baths. To be honest with you it isn’t that hard to do a foot bath with lavender essential oil.

      Here is a good recipe for sore and tired feet:

      20 drops of lavender
      5 drops of peppermint
      5 drops of spearmint
      2 tablespoons of sea salt
      2 tablespoons of Epsom salt
      1 tablespoon of baking soda

  10. Our ancestors were really wise to use essential oils with so many benefits thousands of years ago when they didn’t have access to high-tech medicine. It is interesting that for most of us still natural treatments have higher priorities than chemical medicines.

    I want to use the lavender essential oil for calming my self and having deeper sleeps at night but I don’t have a diffuser. Do you have any suggestions for me? If I have to buy a diffuser, can you kindly recommend one with a good price?

    Thank you very much.


  11. I suffer from insomnia a lot and refuse to use medications that are addictive. My problem with natural remedies is that they seem to work at first, but they lose effectiveness over time. Do you know if lavender works long term? So far, chamomile tea is my go-to, but I do have a diffuser in the house and could pick up some lavender oil. Worth a try! Thank you for such a detailed list of the benefits of lavender with research to back it up.

    1. Hey Theresa,

      I agree that sleeping medications are addictive even the “over the counter” ones. Not to mention prescriptions can come with a long list of unwanted side effects.

      I can personally relate to insomnia issues. I have dealt with them for several years, now. However, I have found that essential oils can really help, though.

      No essential oils don’t work the way the drugs do. There is no tolerance that you build up to or anything like that. Yes, it does work long term but its important that you minimize computer, tv, and do something non-stimulating prior to going to sleep. Our body needs about 1 to 1 1/2 hours to unwind prior to going to sleep.

      I have used chamomile tea and it does work good, too. However, Roman chamomile essential oil can be diffused along with lavender to help you fall asleep, too.

  12. I know that a lot of essential oils you can ingest. I know that doTERRA and Young Living actually have product lines where they encourage the use of oils internally. I just consumed some lavender with raw honey and I am concerned now?

  13. Hey buddy, great article, thank you for sharing 🙂

    Essential oils are a great way to boost your immune system and health, and they can be used in various ways and I know that lavender is very helpful for sleeping, you can just put it in an oil burner and drift off to sleep.

    Also, there are of course many other essential oils out there that heal different parts of your body.

    1. Hey Dean,

      Lavender is one of the most useful and most used essential oils. It is great at relaxing your mind, putting you to sleep, relieving pain, etc.

  14. lavender oil is great! I love using it in my diffuser to help me settle down for the night. 

    It’s great to read about all the benefits of lavender oil in one place! 

    I know lavender is a great bug repellent but have you heard that it can prevent flies as well? I used a lavender plant in my kitchen this summer.  The flies were just gone. I noticed fewer flies getting into my kitchen. 

    1. Hey Darren,

      Lavender is a good bug repellent. What is great about it is your bug repellent doesn’t have to smell like “bug repellent”.

      I was unaware that lavender kept flies away, though. Thanks for sharing.

  15. That is crazy I never knew there were so many health benefits to lavender essential oil!  My wife does use it to help her sleep.  It looks like that is one of the most popular uses for lavender.

    Have you ever heard of using lavender essential oil as a chest rub?  If so, how do I use it as a chest rub?

  16. I have always loved the smell of lavender and now that I know all the benefits it provides I love it even more! It is amazing how many different ways that lavender can help yet it makes a lot of sense. I have always noticed that for me one of the greatest aspects is how it helps me to feel more calm and relaxed. I look forward to working on diffusing it more on a daily basis and see how the results turn out.

    1. Hey Chris,

      Most people are aware that lavender is relaxing, but really there are lots more uses for it. I have addressed a lot of the different uses for lavender in this article. You should certainly try them out.

  17. Until I had read your article, I had actually been avoiding using lavender essential oil because I was primarily associating it with something that helps to promote sleep. After going through treatment for Breast Cancer, I have been struggling with pimple like cysts on my scalp, as my hair fights to grow back in. My Naturopath stated it was folliculitis. 

    I have been mostly been using tea tree oil, on the inflamed spots on my scalp, and tea tree shampoo, because if I use anything else, more of these painful little pimply cyst like bumps appear. I didn’t realize that Lavender could be be beneficial to hair growth. 

    I’ve tried multiple different Tea Tree shampoos, and I still struggle with very thin hair growth. Do you think it would be beneficial to add Lavender to my existing shampoo? Or would it be best to make my own tea tree, lavender, peppermint blend?

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      Lavender is one of the best essential oils for hair growth. I would put it right behind peppermint and rosemary which have been used for years to help with hair growth.

      You could try lavender on your scalp, though. It’s a very soothing essential oil for the skin, too. From my experience, I have found tea tree is to harsh for my skin. Lavender is a much more forgiving on my skin. It really helps with dry skin, too.

      I would certainly consider adding lavender to your existing shampoo.

  18. I am particularly interested in the calming affects it has.  But, a friend told me the other day you can use it for your skin.  I do have a question for you.  How do use lavender oil for your face, though?  Is it safe I have heard yes and no so I figured I would ask you since you know more about it then I do.

    1. Hey Jamie,

      There is a lot of helpful information online about essential oils. However, there is some information that isn’t all that accurate, too.

      With that being said. I would only use lavender on your face at 1% dilution. It might not seem like much, but it’s really some powerful stuff.

      You could always try .5% the first time, but I would only do it once a day. Might try it on the weekends just in case you had a skin reaction, though.

      Use a carrier oil like grapeseed or coconut oil.

  19. I never realized how lavender would help ailments. I’ve used lavender and other oils as a bug repellent before with great success. But I never thought of lavender to help with acne.  However, can you apply lavender without a carrier.  I have heard people say that have done it before.

    I guess I’m going to have to give it a try. I have a good friend that swears by lavender to help with headaches. I’m not necessarily prone to headaches, but I would rather try something natural then a pill. Especially if it works. 

    1. Hey JB,

      A lot of people will tell you that you can apply essential oils neat (which means without a carrier oil). However, lavender is one of the more gentler essential oils I don’t ever apply lavender without a carrier oil. It’s just not the risk of having to go through something called sensitization. It can end up sending you to the emergency room. I’ve never had to deal with it, but have read several horror stories on sensitization.

      Lavender is actually great to use for acne, though. I use it on my shoulders during the winter. I have dry skin and it moisturizes my skin.

  20. Thank you for your post.  I love lavender essential oil and have used it for years to relax and sleep better.  I also put it in my diffuser to hep relieve headaches. But I love all of the alternate uses that you describe for Lavender oil including a natural bug repellent, this is brilliant. Acne treatment and a Diabetes treatment is also new to me.  Thank you for showing all of the other ways this wonderful product can help.

  21. Lavender oil does have amazing properties in it. I never actually knew that it could be used as a repellent for insects. I always thought of it as something we made use of because of its health benefits. This is really amazing. 

    A lot of people really need to be making use of this. It even acts as a stress and anxiety reliever.  Quick question though, what is lavender 40/42 essential oil?  I have seen this phrase time and time again on the internet.

    1. Hey Jay,

      Lavender does work great as an insect repellant! Also, your repellant doesn’t have to smell fowl like a lot of store bought ones. There are a number of essential oils that also repel bugs, too.

      Lavender 40/42 contains linalool and linalyl. There is a consistenty in the balance of linalool and linalyl. Meaning it contains 40% linalool and 42% linalyl and It has the most floral scent out of all the lavenders essential oils you can buy. Typically, it’s used in glycerin soap, candles, perfume, and cosmetics. It’s been said not to be a pure grade of essential oil, though. Meaning, it does not come directly from the plant in its form. Many aromatherapists disregard it as being pure.

  22. Thanks for the information. In the past, I  have used soap and body wash and shampoo which the label said “with lavender”.  All this time I thought it was just a scent to boost their marketing strategy. I did not know that it is a very essential product for our health.

    I can tell the nice smell of lavender but never thought it is good for stress and anxiety, skin care, and many more. I did watch the video which talks about the uses of lavender oils. I have also noted that the best to get is organic lavender to avoid all other chemicals added to it.

    1. Hey,

      No the scents that are offered in shampoos, body washes, and soaps are not just for marketing purposes. However, some of the products that you buy from the store contain lavender as a fragrance and not the essential oil. The ones containing essential oils have the extra added health benefits, though.

      It is recommended to get organic essential oils. However, they typically cost a little bit more than non-organic essential oils.

    2. Hey,

      No it’s not a marketing strategy and people don’t realize that essential oils do have healing properties when diffused and used topically. However, be careful when you buy soap and shampoo because if they use the words fragrance on it, it often means it’s not actually pure.

      You are correct organic essential oil is more desired because it can’t contain any pesticides or any unnatural chemicals in it.

  23. I use essential oils at work and at home to create a relaxing environment. I always get a lot of compliments at work at how calming my office is.

    I had no idea that lavender had so many health benefits, I just thought it smelled nice. But now that you mention it, I never do get headaches, even though my coworkers are always complaining about head and eye strain. Is it possible that lavender essential oils have helped me?

    1. Hey James,

      Yes, it is certainly possible that lavender could have helped you from getting headaches at work. It’s one of the most relaxing essential oils you can get. Linalool is an anxiolytic agent. It’s very powerful for relieving stress and the effects that come from stress.

      Keep using your diffuser at work. Maybe, it will help your coworkers out!

  24. I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on lavender essential oils as its very informative. From my perspective, I tend to think that lavender oils is one of the best ways to cure headache. When I suffered from headache, I applied hot water and wiped it with a towel. Then I would apply some lavender oil and massage it and within a couple of hours you’ll feel amazing. Don’t keep wasting your time by figuring out other ways. Lavender oils are best for headaches. 

  25. My opinion on this is mixed. I would certainly agree with Lavender being used to relieve stress or headaches. I myself used to make aroma therapy candles and it was great for all the above mentioned conditions. But to say that it can help with asthma or especially as a preventative for any type of cancer I would find it hard to believe. People should use this with caution and not to expect that it would have much effect on preventing cancer or helping with asthma. Just my opinion. 

    1. Hey David,

      Lavender is awesome for relieving stress and certainly headaches, too. However, that being said I can’t stress the importance of using pure essential oils. Ones that are not pure will contain chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

      As far as preventing breast cancer there have been studies that prove it did reduce the risk of breast cancer, though. Anything that we can do to prevent ourself from getting a disease like cancer is certainly useful.

      In regards to helping with asthma lavender has been proven to be beneficial, too. Also, eucalyptus, rosemary, clove, and peppermint are good for asthma according to:

      Lastly, essential oils are not the “cure all”, but they can be very beneficial to your health.

  26. I know that essential oils are good for you but I wasn’t aware that lavender oil had so many benefits!

    Since I have diabetes I would use lavender oil.  But it also helps with blood circulation too, it would help my neuropathy.I usually don’t have a problem with sleeping but stimulating urine flow would be another benefit.

    And anything that boosts your immune system is well worth it too.  I have to get lavender oil because it’s so beneficial for so many things that I’ve been missing out on so much!

    Thank you!

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