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Make Homemade Poo Pourri Spray For Cheap

How To Make Your Own Poop Pourri

Let’s face it your poop doesn’t smell good!

Maybe, you want to make your own homemade Poo Pourri spray.

I love the smell of poop!  Anyone that says it does is lying between their teeth.  Bathroom fresheners are a dime a dozen.  Personally, I don’t like using those aerosol bathroom fresheners because they are actually toxic to the body.

If you’re like a lot of people you don’t want to use those toxic chemicals as bathroom air fresheners.

Don’t get me started about the filmy smell that sticks around after you spray it.

Poop Pourri - Bathroom SpraySo, I am sure we have all hear of Poo Pourri spray.  It’s a good bathroom air freshener.  I believe it was advertised in the Super Bowl years ago.  At least that is how I first heard about it.  There is a good chance that you got one as a gag gift, admit it.  And, I know that you used it.  But, let’s be completely honest it works and it works really good.

You might be surprised to hear that Poo Pourri spray contains a lot of essential oils, though.  But, Poo Pourri spray is different from those aerosol sprays because you spray it in the toilet bowl before you take a number 2.

Here is a short video that shows how it works:

Here is the down side to Poo Pourri, though.  It cost almost $15 for a spray bottle.  That is some expensive bathroom freshener!  However, you can make your own and I am going to show you how in this DIY Poo Pourri guide.

Ingredients For Poo Pourri Spray

Why These Ingredients Work In Poo Pourri Spray

The reason you should use distilled water instead of tap water is that tap water contains other minerals that could change the recipe.  However, if you do use tap water you might want to make sure you boil it first.

Rubbing alcohol or witch hazel is a stabilizer.  What it does is turn your liquid into a milky white substance.  Really, it just helps all the essential oils and water mix together.  Essential oils do not mix with just water.

I can’t stress the importance of using an essential oil that is 100% pure.  There are a lot of garbage essential oils out there.  They adulterate the essential oils and your results won’t be very good.  A couple of companies that I highly recommend are Aura Cacia and Plant Therapy.

With a low-foaming detergent, you can use regular hand soap.  You want something that emulsifies fat/oil and will absorb odors like sulfur.  Don’t overdo it with hand soap!  You don’t want it to foam up a lot when you shake the bottle.

It’s important to note that you can adjust the essential oils to your own liking.  Play around with the mixtures until you create something you like.

I use glass bottles because essential oils can eat through plastic.  Probably not going to in this case, but just to be safe I would use glass.  Also, use dark amber glass bottles.  You don’t want natural lighting hitting the oils because they will lose their effectiveness.

Some people will make the spray with plastic bottles.  It is cheaper, and it’s really about personal preference.

Lastly, food coloring is optional.  I wouldn’t recommend using yellow or brown for obvious reasons, but use any food coloring color that you want.  Personally, I don’t use food coloring because I’m not really concerned with the color that I spray in the toilet.

Here Is How You Make Your Own Poo Pourri Spray

  • Add your distilled water to your glass mixing bowl.  Make sure the glass mixing bowl holds at least 8 oz.
  • Combine 20 to 30 drops of essential oil.  For this example, I use 14 drops of bergamot, 10 drops of lemon, and 6 drops of lemongrass.
  • Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of witch hazel or rubbing alcohol (rubbing alcohol is cheaper).
  • Add a tsp of hand soap (hand soap is cheaper) or low-foaming detergent.
  • Add 4 oz of distilled water.
  • Use your glass funnel to pour the mixture into your glass spray bottle.
  • Shake the bottle for about 1 to 2 minutes.  You want to make sure that all the essential oils, witch hazel, and water are mixed up really good.

Poo Pourri Spray Recipes:

You do have a lot of different options when making your own spray.  You can easily mix the following essential oils any way you want.  Down below are some good combinations for homemade Poo Pourri:

This is one of my favorite recipes and let’s face it taking a poop without anyone knowing brings a smile to everyone’s face.  You can tie a little string around the bottle that states “shake well, lift lid, and spray 5-7 times before you go”.

Again, I can’t stress the importance of using a high-quality brand of essential oils.  If you’re on a tight budget two decent essential oil brands that are cheaper are NOW Foods and Plant Guru.

There you have it.  Now you have made your own Poo Pourri spray and it won’t cost you a lot of money.  Feel free to dress up the bottle with your own fancy labels.  You can go all artsy fartsy on your bottles, too.

Happy pooping and remember to tell your friends and family about your new exciting creation.  They will be amazed!

I would like to hear your feedback, though.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below.

16 thoughts on “Make Homemade Poo Pourri Spray For Cheap

  1. Haha, love it. Who could turn going to the bathroom as a number two into a fragrant affair. I might just have to try this. Thank you.

    1. Hey Sue,
      I know right it’s a basic necessity that is apart of everyone’s life. The people that created it are geniuses!

      You should really try it. It really works!

  2. I’ve never seen that commercial before-that’s hilarious! I can’t wait to try your recipe. I love love love lemongrass and thanks for the two essential oils you recommended. I’m gonna check them out tonight. Do I need to shake the bottle each time before I use it or is it good to go after the initial mix?

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      Yeah, I remember the first time I ever saw the commercial. I thought it was pretty funny. Then, I saw it at the store in a couple of days and actually tried it. I was surprised how well it work though. I couldn’t believe how expensive it was, though. I did a test bottle and matched the real stuff pretty good and for a fraction of the price.

      But, yes to answer your question; you do want to shake it before using it.

  3. Looking forward to trying this out. I know that the original stuff works really good. However, I do have a question. How much does it smell like the real thing, though? Surely, you can tell some kind of difference, though.

    1. Hey Aaron,

      It doesn’t smell “exactly” like the real product, but pretty close. I put a little more bergamot in mine because I really like the smell of bergamot. I did make a bottle and my mother could tell which one was the store bought one and the one I made, though. But, it does do the job and for far less money.

  4. Yes, they saw people coming with that idea. Hardly revolutionary, as I had been reading on some “crunchy” sites about basic use of essential oils for just that purpose, right before Poo Pourri came on the scene.
    Thank you for the awesome recipe and instructions. I will be picking up a glass spray bottle and funnel soon so I can try it out!

    What about the clove bud and orange one? How many drops do I put in for that?

    1. Hey Irma,

      For the clove bud and orange one use the same ingredients, but instead of the essential oils listed for my sample recipe use 20 drops of orange and 10 drops of clove bud.

      Hope this helps!

  5. I first I thought this was some kind of a big joke! But yeah man it’s serious. A spray before you go to the toilet.. wow that’s ingenious! Ha ha… This is definitely something worth trying and very easy to make with readable available ingredients. I love the video by the way – she really explained the product. LOL. I like the way you said you don’t care for the color. I think I agree. No color would be best! Red could scare you into thinking something worse is happening inside of you than really is. Anyway good post and I want some homemade Poo Pourri Spray!!!!!

  6. Wow, I’ve tried various deodorizers and quite frankly they stink, one ends up with a mixture of smells that one could best describe as a nice poop smell. I shall try your recipe since I already make my own toothpaste and other homemade concoctions, I’m thinking why not. Even though I’m single it would be nice to have a pleasant aroma in the bathroom.

    What about the recipe or lemongrass and lavender, though?

    1. Hey Paul,

      For the lemongrass and lavender recipe use 20 drops of lavender and 15 drops of lemongrass. This is one of my favorite mixes and I would highly encourage you to try it out. Your bathroom will thank you for it.

  7. Thank you, thank you!  I love the product and use it all the time.  However, I am not a fan of how much it cost.  I have tried a couple of Poo Pourri sprays over the years.  But, if this works and smells like the real thing I will just start making my own bathroom spray.  Can’t believe it’s so easy to make, though!

    Thanks again!

  8. Wow, this is awesome!  I never knew you could actually make your own homemade Poo Pourrii.  I love the product and my sister actually bought it for me as a gag gift for Christmas last years.  Truth be told I really do love it.  I can really stink up the bathroom and it helps a ton!  No one can even smell when I go now, which I am sure they are thankful for!

  9. Really cool stuff.  I tried your recipe out for homemade Poo Pourri spray and it does smell like the real thing.

    I blindfolded my wife and asked her to pick which one was the real Poo Pourri and which one was the fake one.  

    She really couldn’t tell the difference!  Your a genius!  Thanks so much!

  10. Wow, thanks a lot for writing this. I was interested in making my own Poo Pourri spray. I think it’s something no one really wants to talk about, but making the bathroom smell better is always a good thing.

    Do you happen to have a recipe for when you are feeling very nauseous? It could be very handy to have a recipe like this around after throwing up or having a bout of diarrhea. That smell is enough to make you feel even worse than ever!

    1. Hey Jane,

      There are a number of essential oils that are beneficial for alleviating nausea. These ones stick out:


      I would recommend these two recipes:

      4 oz distilled water.
      2-3 tablespoons of witch hazel or rubbing alcohol.
      1 tsp of hand soap.
      10 peppermint.
      10 lavender.

      Also, this is a good recipe:

      4 oz distilled water.
      2-3 tablespoons of witch hazel or rubbing alcohol.
      1 tsp of hand soap.
      10 ginger.
      10 lemon.

      Feel free to use any of the ones mentioned and create your own homemade Poo Pourri spray for combating nausea.

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