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Plant Therapy Essential Oils Reviews

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Reviews

I promise after reading my Plant Therapy essential oil reviews you will be hooked on them.

Plant Therapy ReviewsI remember trying them out for the first time and it seemed like I had discovered the 8th wonder of the world.

Plant Therapy is an essential oil company you might run across if you’re new to aromatherapy and essential oils.  They are very popular in the essential oil industry and thousands of people have used them for years.

Plant Therapy gets a lot of good feedback in the industry. They have already gotten tons and tons of 5-star reviews on Facebook. It’s very hard to find any negative plant therapy reviews with actual legitimate concerns about the company.

Plant Therapy has certainly paved a name for themselves in this competitive industry. I got the chance to test out their oils and I will be writing about it in this full Plant Therapy review.

But, first, let me tell you a little bit about Plant Therapy.

Plant Therapy was founded in 2011. They are a family owned business and Chris and Amanda Jones are the owners (husband and wife). They grew up around entrepreneurs. Chris and Amanda created an essential oil brand that sells high-quality essential oils at an affordable price. Here is a direct quote from Chris Jones their CEO:

“Our ultimate goal is not to be the largest essential oil company; it is to positively impact the lives of as many people as humanly possible. Ultimately, I feel this is possible only by providing our customers with an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back. By selling such a high-quality product at an affordable price, we not only positively affect the lives of our customers, but it also gives us the financial means by which we can help those who are less fortunate to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.”

Along with managers in key areas, Plant Therapy has a well-known aromatherapist in the backend of their company.  Robert Tisserand (a well-known) aromatherapist with over 40 years in the industry is apart of the Plant Therapy team.

Plant Therapy Pros

  • My #1 Best Essential Oil Brand.
  • Lots of value for the money.
  • Family owned business.
  • Leading aromatherapist Robert Tisserand is apart of their team.
  • Third-Party testing.
  • KidSafe essential oils.
  • Can check your bottle for purity on their website.
  • Loyalty/Rewards program.
  • Excellent customer support.

Plant Therapy Cons

  • None

Plant Therapy Bottle

When you purchase essential oils you want to make sure they are pure. Sadly, because the industry isn’t regulated very tightly anyone can pretty much print anything on a bottle of essential oils that they want.  Hence, why so many brands print the words “therapeutic grade” or “100% pure” on their bottles.

Obviously, each bottle of essential oil is labeled by Plant Therapy with the name of the oil. The words “100% pure essential oil” are printed on the bottle right under their logo. For instance, my organic peppermint bottle has the words “organic peppermint” on it. The Latin name is Mentha x piperita. Then it has the size which mine is 1/3 fl. oz. (10 mL).

On the top of the bottle it has the words “organic peppermint” so if you have a number of them in a storage box it’s easy to grab the one you want.  Really, love that Plant Therapy does this and wish others would do this as well.

Next, on the bottle, it will have a little bit about the essential oil. For peppermint, it states that peppermint is stimulating when it’s diffused. It can improve your energy levels and enhance your alertness. It’s a great essential oil to use topically, which you should dilute at 2-3% for head and neck tension. There is a warning to not use it topically or diffuse it around children that are under 6.

Lastly, there is a link to their website, a telephone number and an address:

Plant Therapy Inc.
510 2nd Avenue S.
Twin Falls, ID 83301

It’s certified organic by ECOCERT ICO.

Plant Therapy Testing Procedure

Plant Therapy’s testing procedure is where they shine.

I firmly believe that other companies should take note of their testing procedure.

A lot of essential oil companies will have in-house chemist that run a GC/MS test (Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry) on their essential oils.  This will show you all the chemical compounds that are found in the essential oil. However, Plant Therapy does it differently. They send their essential oils to a third-party laboratory.

It’s a great idea to send your oils to a third-party laboratory because an outside entity is testing your oils.  Therefore, the quality control procedure is strengthened with Plant Therapy.

But, wait there is more you can actually check your oils online.

Check Your Bottle Online

Each bottle of essential oil from Plant Therapy will have a batch code. As you can see from the image down below this is what it will look like:

Plant Therapy Batch Code

All you have to do is go to Plant Therapy’s website. Search for the essential oil that you purchased. So, for instance, I want to check my bottle of lavender (10ml) that I bought. I go to and type in lavender 10ml and click on the correct lavender essential oil product.

Then you scroll down on the product page and click on “test reports”. This will show the reports for that batch. As you can see this is what it looks like:

Plant Therapy GS/MS sheet

The chemist that tested the Plant Therapy essential oil signs the report, too. There is no hiding anything and Plant Therapy is fully transparent about their testing procedure. It’s really nice to be able to check your bottle of essential oil to help verify that it hasn’t been adulterated.

Plant Therapy Crafting & Harvesting

Essential oils are crafted from all different parts of a plant. This could mean from the stem, flower, bark, etc. For instance, orange is harvested from the peels of the oranges.

Plant Therapy does get their essential oils from various suppliers. However, they need to know the supplier’s reputation, background, and quality of plants before they use them. Meaning, they will require 3 to 5 samples for each oil. This ensures that the ingredients are of high quality.

Most Plant Therapy essential oils are steam distilled. However, their citrus oils are extracted using cold pressed extraction. Additionally, they do have a couple CO2 extracted oils and a couple solvents extracted absolutes.

Plant Therapy Smell Test

It’s important that your essential oils have a good smell to them, isn’t it?

I like to do a smell test with every essential oil company I review. I have tested a lot of different essential oils from Plant Therapy. I test them in my essential oil diffuser which is an InnoGear 150 ml.  Also, I have tested them in my URPOWER diffuser (see review here).

Ok, so the first day I ever used Plant Therapy was a good day. In the past I had used essential oils from Green Health (see review), Radha Beauty (see review), and ArtNaturals (see review). Those companies I didn’t know at the time sold cheap adulterated or synthetic essential oils.

But, from the first day I put drops of lavender into my diffuser, I realized what a “pure” essential oil actually smelled like. Instead, of having to put in 15 drops of some cheap brand I only needed 3-4 drops of Plant Therapy’s essential oils.

I have created shampoo, lotions, my own Thieves blend, household cleaners, and even homemade Poo Pourri with Plant Therapy’s essential oils.

I’m very happy with the quality and smell of essential oils from Plant Therapy.

Plant Therapy Products

You are not just limited to essential oils with Plant Therapy. They have a lot of blends, roll-ons, carrier oils, gift sets, diffusers, accessories, and body care products.

Single Oils

Plant Therapy offers 125 single essential oils. 33 of those essential oils are USDA Certified Organic. For example, Bergamot is organic.

Synergy Oils

Synergy oils are a mix of different essential oils. Plant Therapy offers 47 different synergy blends. Here are a couple examples of synergy blends; tension relief and brain aid.


Roll-ons are premade essential oils with a carrier oil. You can apply them to your skin topically whenever you would like.  Plant Therapy offers 32 roll-ons. Here are a couple examples of roll-ons; muscle aid and immune aid.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are needed if you want to use essential oils topically (click here to read an article on carrier oils and essential oils). Meaning you will have to dilute the essential oils before applying them to your skin. Plant Therapy offers 20 different carrier oils. Here are a couple examples of the carrier oils they offer; coconut and sweet almond.


It’s not practical to carry a bottle of essential oil around with you everywhere you go.  Inhalers are convenient, budget-friendly, and last for several months. Plant Therapy has some of the best inhalers. They come in three different colors; teal, purple, and grey. I use mine every single day. Please see my Plant Therapy inhaler review.

Gift Sets

Plant Therapy does offer about 43 different gift sets. So, you do have a lot of options if you don’t want to purchase the oils individually. For starters, I am going to show you a couple of their gift sets that I really like.

Plant Therapy 7 & 7 Set

This set by Plant Therapy contains 14 essential oils in total. It includes 7 essential oils and 7 synergies. Each bottle is 10 ml. They also come in a wooden box so you can store your essential oils in them.

The essential oils that are included in this set are:

The synergies that are included in this set are:

  • Germ fighter.
  • Immune aid.
  • Tranquil.
  • Invigor aid.
  • Sensual.
  • Relax.
  • Energy.

Plant Therapy Top 6 USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils Set

Plant Therapy does sell a gift set that includes 6 organic essential oils. These essential oils are 10 ml each. They come with euro style dropper cap and are undiluted. The following oils are included in this set:

  • Eucalyptus.
  • Lavender.
  • Sweet orange.
  • Peppermint.
  • Lemon.
  • Tea tree.

KidSafe Product Line

One really cool thing about Plant Therapy is they launched a product line called “KidSafe”. This was developed and overseen by Robert Tisserand, who is a well-know aromatherapist. These essential oils are made specifically for children between the age of 2 and 10.

These essential oils are designed to help out with the following:

  • Congested sinus and runny noses.
  • Calming down.
  • Skin rashes.

The essential oils are undiluted, but Plant Therapy does have a number of roll-ons. Don’t let the name fool you though, KidSafe synergies are just as effective for adults as they are for kids, though. Meaning they are full strength essential oils.

They are just made with oils that are safe for kids. Meaning, oils like peppermint will not be included in the brand because kids could have breathing problems with peppermint essential oil.


Plant Therapy does sell several different diffusers, too. Here are a couple of electronic diffusers that they sell; 380 ml diffuser and advanced aromatherapy diffuser .


The most popular diffuser by Plant Therapy is called AromaFuse. It has a 380 mL water tank. It comes in three different colors; pearl white, rose gold, and wood-grain brown. This diffuser does cover 500+ square feet and runs for up to 10 hours.

The AromaFuse has 5 different timer settings. It will diffuse until it runs out of the water. If you push the button twice it will run for 2 hours. When you push the button three times it diffuses for 15 seconds and then shuts off for 30 seconds. When it’s pressed four times it diffuses for 15 minutes and shuts off for 30 minutes. Lastly, if you hit the button five times it diffuses for 30 minutes and shuts off for 30 minutes.

View my full review here.

Diffuse On The Move

Plant Therapy does sell a USB diffuser called “Diffuse On The Move”. It’s a lightweight diffuser that you can plug in anywhere that has a USB port. This diffuser comes in black, white, pink, and champagne. It has three different timer settings; 10, 30, and 60-second intervals. It comes with a bottle and replacement wicks. You can also purchase extra replacement bottles and wicks.

Plant Therapy Customer Support

Customer support is always an important part of a essential oil business. If you’re new to essential oils you’re probably going to have some questions. I have found the easiest way to get in touch with Plant Therapy is through their “live chat” feature on their website. They do have business hours which are:

  • Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM Mountain Time Zone
  • Saturday: 8 AM – 3 PM Mountain Time Zone

As you can see from the question I had below Plant Therapy does answer your questions in a timely manner:

Plant Therapy Email Support

Additionally, you can call them at 1-800-917-6577. You can even call them from your mobile phone and receive a text message back.

Plant Therapy Price

The price can often be a dealbreaker when I am purchasing essential oils. Some essential oil brands charge a lot for their oils. Others will be a lot cheaper. The problem with cheaper essential oils is they’re usually of very low quality. So, I wanted to compare Plant Therapy’s essential oils with other companies. The chart down below shows how their price compares to other essential oil companies:

Plant Therapy (10ml)$7.95
Eden's Garden (10ml)$10.93
Aura Cacia (15ml)$6.88
NOW (30ml)$6.99
doTERRA (15ml)$14.95
Young Living (15ml)$23.49

As you can see the prices are reasonable with Plant Therapy.

There are similar companies in the essential oil industry that are MLM companies. Thankfully, Plant Therapy isn’t an MLM company. The problem with MLM companies is they increase the price and you end up overpaying for essential oils.

I like how Plant Therapy is very transparent about the pricing. You won’t see the words “retail” and “wholesale” on their website. But, wait it gets better.

Rewards Program

Who doesn’t like saving money?

Plant Therapy does have a rewards program. It’s called “PT PERQS”. Basically, it works like this; you purchase their products you get rewards (or credit) towards future Plant Therapy purchases.

All you have to do is register an account. There are no minimum purchases and it only takes a couple minutes to sign up.

How Plant Therapy’s PT PERQS” program works:

Every dollar that you spend with them gets you 10 points. Points do expire after 365 days. So, make sure you use them before they expire.

  • 1,500 points = $5.
  • 3,000 points = $15.
  • 6,000 points = $40.

You can get points from the following actions:

  • Create an account = 100 points.
  • Connect to Plant Therapy on YouTube = 100 points.
  • Comment on a blog post = 100 points (can comment twice a month for 100 points each).
  • Connect to Plant Therapy on Facebook = 100 points
  • Write up to 4 reviews per month 150 points (you get 150 points for each review).
  • Connect on Twitter = 100 points.
  • Connect on Instagram = 100 points.
  • Birthday Bonus – 150 points.

Plant Therapy Final Verdict

Plant Therapy 7 & 7 SetSo, do I recommend Plant Therapy’s essential oils? Yes! They are perfect. I thought really long and hard about them and can’t think of one single negative thing to say about Plant Therapy.  I gave them 5 out 5 stars. They are one of my favorite essential oil companies. I trust them completely and know that I am going to get quality essential oils with Plant Therapy.

They don’t want to be the biggest well-known essential oil business.  They want to be the most trusted one.  Again, their prices are respectable, customer support is great, and they are my top pick for buying essential oils.

Plant Therapy offers a ton of essential oils, blends, roll-ons, sets, diffusers, and a lot more body care products and accessories.

They are certainly one brand of essential oils that I trust and I know the quality of their oils are top notch. Many other companies in the industry don’t have strict regulations like Plant Therapy does. You can even check your bottle and verify the contents in it.

Again, I can’t think of one single reason why you wouldn’t want to purchase essential oils from Plant Therapy.  The loyalty program is awesome and can save you money in the long-run, too. They are certainly my favorite brand of essential oils and I highly recommend them to everyone.

They have a variety of gift sets and you can even purchase diffusers from them.  I am so happy to write Plant Therapy up a great review and highly recommend you test them out for yourself.

I actually diffused rosemary and peppermint while carefully crafting this Plant Therapy review.  It’s nearly 3,000 words, and I thank Plant Therapy for creating an awesome brand!

Do you have any experience with Plant Therapy?  Have any questions about them that are not answered in this review?  Please leave a comment down below.

Plant Therapy Review
  • Product Quality
  • Price
  • Range of Products
  • Customer Support
  • Value For Money


Plant Therapy is my favorite essential oil brand. Their essential oils are of high-quality. I’ve been using their products daily and I am more than happy with them.

19 thoughts on “Plant Therapy Essential Oils Reviews

  1. Great article. I love the part about the blot test. There are such price differences on this stuff and I always wonder what I am really getting. That is some great info. Plus I hadn’t heard of this company. I will give them a try when I am in the market for some more essential oils..

    1. Hey Kevin,
      There are certainly a lot of different brands of essential oils. I have spend hundreds of dollars testing out different brands. Plant Therapy is one of my favorites. I can always trust that I will get a high quality essential oil with Plant Therapy. If you do decide to try them out for yourself I am very confident that you will be happy with them.

  2. Thanks for this fantastic review, there are so many different essential oil companies doing the rounds now, it’s hard to know what products are legitimate. But after reading this, it sounds like Plant Therapy has a great genuine product and I will be looking to give them a try.

    1. Hey Nicole,
      Yes, there are a lot of them and what is sad is some of them have just changed there name when people started catching on to the fact that their essential oils aren’t actually 100% pure. It’s sad to see that some of these companies are very unethical and just only care about the old mighty dollar.

  3. What a great Plant Therapy review! Thank you for doing your homework on this one. I typically buy the cheapest I can find and, of course, they always say 100% pure. None of them have the write up like you have posted here.

    I also use the Innogear diffuser…and love it! I will certainly be checking into this company for my next order. Thank you for all the helpful information!

    1. Hey David,

      Yeah, cheaper is certainly not always better, especially when talking about essential oils. You want the essential oils to be 100% pure. For instance, the essential oils I tested by Green Health were not of very good quality. There are a lot of companies that have come and gone over the years. Plant Therapy is one of the most respectable brands in the industry, though.

  4. Thank you for this. There are so many brands out there when it comes to essential oils, it can get confusing for the consumers. I love your blot test, and I’m amazed at how transparent the company is, when it comes to lab testing of their oils. I also love the kidsafe product line! They really know kids well: skin rashes and congested sinuses are really such common problems among the young ones.

    1. Hey Joo,

      I know what you are talking about. There are a lot of essential oil companies out there. Way too many really. What is sad is some of them like Green Health and Radha Beauty aren’t even legit. Meaning, they sell adulterated essential oils. They are cheap, but not worth the money. A lot of people aren’t really that educated in essential oils and don’t realize that they need to be pure.

      Plant Therapy is a great company and the “kid safe” brand is an awesome idea. Essential oils are powerful and you have to play it safe especially with kids.

  5. I agree that it is hard to really know which companies are the better ones to buy from for essential oils. The price actually seems pretty reasonable. I’ve seen some that are extremely expensive, but Plant Therapy’s essential oils seem to be high quality at a reasonable price. I liked it best when you mentioned ways to test purity. For me, it’s a little hard to tell which brand is going to provide the best product, so now I can test out the purity of the essential oils I buy. Thanks for the information on Plant Therapy and testing the purity of essential oils, it will definitely come in handy for the future!

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      I agree some of the essential oils companies are ridiculous! Not to mention any names buy they are MLM companies that charge way to much 😉

      But, Plant Therapy sells great oils. And they are reasonably priced, too. It’s good to see a company that goes through so much extensive testing to put out a quality product.

  6. I will be honest, I keep coming back to your website over and over again. I mean I learn so much from you about essential oils.

    Before on your website I’ve seen the word “synergies” but always thoughts it’s just a synonym for “essential oils”. Well, I guess those are interchangeable but still now I know what exactly it means in this context.

    But I digress.

    Like always, I loved your thorough review of Plant Therapy.

    You say: “They don’t want to be the biggest well-known essential oil business. They want to be the most trusted one.” – This totally won my heart. Not only is Plant Therapy completely transparent but they also focus on trust and quality. Needless to say, I am going to purchase from this company from now on.

    I didn’t realize that there are separate oils that are kid-friendly. Good to know that.

    I have a nephew who could use the calming effect of synergies/essential oils. But my sister in law is pregnant and I must ask: Should oils be avoided during pregnancy or would it be OK for her?

    Thanks in advance!
    – Zarina

    1. Hey Zarina,

      The ethics that Plant Therapy was founded on is one of the biggest reasons they are one of the most trustworthy essential oil companies on the market. Sure, they could charge more, and they could increase their profit margins even more, but they keep their prices pretty low, reward their customers, and create some of the best essential oils in the industry.

      It’s not just about making money for some and Plant Therapy has shown this over the years.

      Certain essential oils can cause problems with children. It’s recommended to use them with 1% dilution and some essential oils are best to be avoided with children.

      However, some essential oils should be avoided when pregnant or nursing. On each bottle of Plant Therapy’s oils, they clearly label if you should avoid it when pregnant. Also, it’s mentioned on their website. But, you can always contact customer support. They are very proactive and helpful.

  7. I am so happy I found your site. I am a big fan of essential oils and always use them every night. I confess I buy the cheaper brand because I thought they are all the same but honestly I was never contented with the one that I am using. I’ve been looking for another brand to buy and this post provided all the information that I need. I love that they are USDA certified and that they are safe for kids! And the gift sets are priced just right… I think I found my new brand to use! Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Marty,

      Plant Therapy is awesome! I absolutely love their essential oils. I have been hooked ever since I tried them out 6 months ago. It’s really uplifting to see a company that abides by the ethics that they do.

      Testing their products by third-party laboratories. Having top-notch essential oil gurus on their side. Excellent support. They really provide so much value to people that are new and even experienced with essential oils.

      But, I know what you are saying there are a lot of companies out there that sell cheap adulterated essential oils. I have already tried out a lot of them and keep exposing the ones that are fakes. It’s really sad to see that some businesses are only in business to make money and don’t really care about the industry.

      Their “kid safe” essential oils was a great idea because when you use essential oils with kids there can be a lot of side effects. It can be an expensive lesson to learn.

  8. I’ve been using doTERRA for years.  However, their price is kind of high.  I am on a strict budget and need to save some money.

    How would you say Plant Therapy essential oils vs doTERRA compare to each other?  I have heard lots of good things about doTERRA essential oils, but would you say they are the same quality as the ones offered by Plant Therapy?

    1. Hey Chris,

      To be 100% honest with you I would say the essential oils of Plant Therapy and doTERRA are exactly the same. I have tried and tested both of them out lots over the years. Truth be told, if you blindfolded me and told me to pick the better one I couldn’t do it because I haven’t noticed any difference at all.

      The price is much higher with doTERRA, which can be a drawback for some people. Not to mention doTERRA has an MLM business model, too. However, with Plant Therapy there is no MLM business model, their products are cheaper, and they have a pretty awesome loyalty program.

  9. Sorry for the newbie question. But are there any drawbacks to using essential oils? I have been interested in them for a while now, but I’m not completely sold on whether or not they work.

    What kind of problems can they help solve?

    Plant Therapy is a name that I keep running across which does look like the feedback is pretty positive on them. I am happy to see that!

    1. Hey Loes,

      Yes, there are certainly drawbacks to essential oils. For instance, if you apply them without a carrier oil you can have a reaction to them. This is called sensitization. People have ended up in the hospital when they applied essential oils to there body without first conducting a skin patch test.

      Essential oils can help alleviate a lot of different problems. They can help with acne, sleep, anxiety, stress, hair growth, pain, etc.

  10. I have a lot of anxiety and have been looking at essential oils a lot recently.  It seems to be getting worse and worse everywhere week.

    One name that I keep seeing everywhere is Plant Therapy.  What would you recommend I use by Plant Therapy to help with my anxiety issues.

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