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Radha Beauty Essential Oils Reviews

Radha Essential Oils Reviews

Have you seen the Radha Beauty essential oils reviews online? 

Maybe you are tempted in trying them out.

Don’t try them out until you read what I have to say about their essential oils.

Radha Beauty ReviewsI first tried out Radha Beauty essential oils a couple of months ago. It’s a popular brand that I have seen on Amazon over the last year. I guess you could say they are budget essential oils. Meaning, their price tag is much lower than Young Living, Plant Therapy, Aura Cacia, etc.

To be quite honest with you if you Google “Radha Beauty essential oils reviews” you’re not going to find a lot of information on them.

I did find this review which does speak highly of Radha or Radha Beauty. However, the article was published by Radha Beauty Products LLC.

They have thousands and thousands of positive ratings on individual products they offer on Amazon.  However, I have heard that a lot of Amazon reviews can be faked from sites like Microworkers and Amazon Turks.

First, let me start off by telling you a little bit about the company. Radha Beauty was founded by Rebekah Letch in 2014. They claim to be an authority in essential oils and sell a number of “natural” beauty products. They are committed to abiding by the highest moral and ethical standards. Radha Beauty is also committed to protecting mother earth.

But, don’t go out and purchase your Radha Beauty essential oils just yet. I’ve tried them out, done countless hours of research, and will show you why these essential oils should be avoided.

Radha Beauty Pros

  • Cheap Essential Oils
  • 100% Refund Within 90 Days

Radha Beauty Cons

  • Essential Oils Are Adulterated
  • Oils Come Out of Bottle To Fast
  • Poorly Packaged
  • Not Transparent About Crafting & Harvesting

Radha Beauty Purity Test

Essential oils need to be pure. Sadly the industry isn’t regulated very well. There are a lot of companies that write anything on the bottle of essential oil. For instance, with Radha Beauty, they print the words “100% Pure Therapeutic Grade” on their bottles.

Radha Beauty Label

“Therapeutic grade” is a term in the aromatherapy industry that doesn’t really mean anything though. However, the words “pure” are also stamped on the label. This is the part that concerns me which I will discuss a little later.

But, I like to do a blot test on any essential oil company that I review. To do this you simply get a piece of clear white paper. For this example, I am just using some white printer paper. I write the name of the company on it and then draw boxes around it with a label under it.

Then you put a drop of essential oil on the paper and wait 24 hours. If it dries and doesn’t leave a ring it probably doesn’t have any chemicals or synthetic properties in it.

You can see the blot test I did for Radha Beauty down below:

Radha Beauty Blot Test Wet

After 24 hours this is what it looks like:

Radha Beauty Blot Test

As you can see there is a slight tent with orange and lemongrass. The others did dry normally. However, the paper shouldn’t feel greasy when you touch it. The drops where I put the oil are greasy, though. Meaning there is some kind of residue left behind from these essential oils.

But, it gets worse for Radha Beauty and their essential oils.  Please keep reading.

Proven To Be Adulterated

What is sad is that 4 out of 6 oils passed my blot test but they didn’t pass a GC/MS test. A GS/MS test will show all the chemicals that are in the substance being tested. Meaning they were actually tested in the laboratory by Dr. Robert S. Pappas (AKA “Dr. P” of and they were found to be adulterated.

Here is a video by Dr. P that warns people about purchasing their essential oils:

Here is the proof that the essential oil lavender by Radha Beauty has been adulterated:

Radha Beauty Fraud Essential Oil

Radha Beauty Smell Test

Ok, so you’re still reading this review I’m going to show you what I got.

The day that I got my Radha Beauty essential oils in the mail I remember the mailbox smelling bad. It really wasn’t a pleasant smell and almost mimicked alcohol. As soon as I open the package I could see that the tea tree and lemongrass had leaked.

I used a rag and washed my hands. I wanted to see how they smelled in my diffuser though.

I put about 10 drops in my URPOWER diffuser because I wanted to see how they diffused and what they smelled like. So, I put in orange and lavender which is a good combination. Within, 1 hour I noticed that my head was hurting. Probably, from the synthetic chemicals that are in these essential oils.

The smell wasn’t very potent and I honestly didn’t mean to put that many drops in. However, the essential oils came out of the bottle very quickly (much like Plant Guru).

I tried this a couple more times throughout the week and each time I got a headache. This really just confirmed what I had already researched on Radha Beauty and their essential oils.

Their oils are simply fragrances and not pure essential oils. Fragrances really don’t have any medicinal benefits, though.

Radha Beauty Products

They do sell a lot of health creams, lotions, etc.  However, I will be discussing their essential oils in this section.

Radha Beauty does offer a lot of essential oils for cheap. For instance, they have a set of 8 100% therapeutic grade essential oils for under $15. That particular gift set has nearly 12,000 positive ratings on Amazon. However, the GS/MS test show that their oils are synthetic, though.

Radha Beauty does sell electronic diffusers. They have various diffusers to choose from. They range from 120 ml o 3,200 ml (3.2 liters). They have a set where you can get essential oils with their diffuser.

How can so many people be writing positive reviews for these essential oils? I really believe that a lot of them are probably paid. The reviews are probably from people that probably don’t understand aromatherapy very well.

Again, fragrances don’t have any medicinal benefits.

Radha Beauty Price

These essential oils by Radha Beauty are very cheap. They are at the bottom of the line in terms of cost. To give you a comparison the chart below shows how they compare to other companies:

Radha Beauty (15ml)$18.95
NOW (2 oz)$26.95
Plant Guru (4 oz)$24.99
Edens Garden (4oz)$69.95
doTERRA (15ml)$66.53
Young Living (15ml)$77.04

You really do get what you pay for with Radha Beauty essential oils, though. They are cheap but obviously, contain some synthetic compounds.

Radha Beauty Customer Support

Customer support is really pretty decent with Radha Beauty though. They have a 1-800 number you can call and you can leave them a message in which they respond to within 24 hours.

They have a 90-day money-back guarantee. They will refund your money 100% if you are unhappy with your essential oils or other healthcare products.

Radha Beauty Final Thoughts

I really believe that a lot of people try out Radha Beauty because their price tag is very cheap like Green Health and ArtNaturals.  There are a lot of people out there that don’t understand essential oils and aromatherapy, though.  Really, they are just buying adulterated essential oils that are fragrances.

People are leaving them positive reviews on Amazon. I’m not sure if the reviews are fake or from people that just don’t understand essential oils. Meaning, cheaper isn’t always better and as my Radha Beauty essential oil review shows they are actually synthetic oils.

To be completely honest with you they gave me a headache.

I didn’t find any information on how they harvest or craft their essential oils, but I believe them to be synthetic. Therefore, I really don’t feel the need to waste my time researching how their essential oils are crafted and harvested. I can’t really comment on their other products as I have not tested them out and don’t have any interest in trying them out.

Clearly, I don’t recommend Radha Beauty essential oils. To be honest with you they don’t smell much like my oils from NOW, Plant Guru, etc.

I’m not at a total loss though. I cleaned out my essential oil bottles and can use the bottles to make my own synergies, though.

Again, do yourself a favor and avoid Radha Beauty altogether, as far as essential oils are concerned.

Have you used Radha Beauty in the past? Do you have questions? Agree or disagree with this review? Please leave a comment down below.

Radha Beauty Review
  • Product Quality
  • Price
  • Range of Products
  • Customer Support
  • Value For Money


Radha Beauty essential oils are NOT recommended.  Their oils are very cheap, but not worth it.  They are adulterated and there are much better companies out there.

20 thoughts on “Radha Beauty Essential Oils Reviews

  1. I’ve had trouble with essential oils containing synthetic chemicals in the past. Even those where they say that they are ‘100% natural’ sometimes contain unnatural products to which my daughter can have a severe allergic reaction. What do you think would be best for me to use?

    1. Hey Marketa,

      I know what you’re talking about. The industry gets a bad name at times because the people that sell these essential oils basically write whatever they want on a bottle of essential oils. They know that their essential oils aren’t really pure, but tell people they are.

      Sadly, they are in it for the old mighty dollar. The dangers of synthetic oils are real. They can cause a lot of unwanted side effects. I highly recommend Plant Therapy. They are high-quality essential oils.

  2. What very interesting facts, and I loved the way you have backed Radha essentials up by facts. Plant-based products I truly believe in, whether it be on your skin, what you breathe or what you eat. My daughter has had many problems with her skin so I have to be extremely careful about what products she uses. Thank you for a very insight on this product.

    1. Hey Shelia,

      The facts certainly don’t lie and Radha Beauty can say whatever they want on their products. When they are tested in a laboratory their creditability pretty much goes down the drain though.

      I’m a fan of plant-based products, but really this Radha Beauty review is just about their essential oils. I haven’t personally tried any of their products out, though.

  3. Wow! I really thank you for the honest review on this products. I love essential oils specifically Rosemary and Eucalyptus and I did not know that this product is a fake. I appreciate this insight! I will surely watch out for more reviews!

    1. Hey Kris,

      Rosemary and Eucalyptus are great essential oils. Personally, I love that blend mixed together. Not to mention they are great to use for cleaning.

      Watch out because there are a lot of synthetic essential oil companies on Amazon.

  4. It’s so sad to hear that the Essential Oils market does not have strict regulations in place, to prevent ‘fraudulent’ oils from being sold.

    As you said, many folks out there are not really clued up on what constitutes a true essential oil. Therefore they are left clueless. Your article educated me and I am sure it’s going to help many others.

    out there.

    You have done an amazing job of letting people out there know what Radha oils are all about.

    1. Hey Roopesh,

      It’s the sad truth, but they really need to put tighter regulations on the essential oil industry. Way too many people have already been tricked into buying fragrance, synthetic, or whatever you want to call them.

      I would recommend avoiding Radha Beauty essential oils. There are so many better companies out there.

  5. Wow, I was so close to purchasing these on Amazon. I can’t believe they are not even real essential oils and so many have been tricked into purchasing them. Sure, they might put off a nice scent, but if they are not pure than they aren’t really that beneficial.

  6. I have never used or heard about Radha Beauty Essential oils. Though after reading your review I searched on Amazon, and I find the other products too cheap compared to other reputed brands.

    Thanks for providing such a detailed and informative review, really interesting to know the difference between fragrances and essential oils.
    Great tip on how to find out the purity of essential oils by doing a blot test.

  7. Wow, talk about so much negativity towards Radha Beauty! Have you ever contacted the owner to see how she feels about this negative Radha Beauty essential oil review?

    1. No I haven’t ever contacted the owner of Radha Beauty and I really don’t have any plans to.

      I think people should know what they are getting when they purchase Radha Beauty essential oils, though. Sure, they stamp the words, “100% Pure Therapeutic Grade” on them, but when they are tested with a 3rd party laboratory they find that there are compounds that are not found in nature.

      Meaning, the essential oils are adulterated. I care about the industry and firmly believe that people should know what they are paying for.

      Furthermore, some companies are in it just to make money. They know that their oils are synthetic and the essential oil industry is a high dollar market. Meaning, that there is a lot of money to be made in the industry.

      It’s estimated that the market in the United States is going be worth 7.43 billion dollars by 2024. Here is proof on that statement:

      Again, I have no interest in talking with the owner of Radha Beauty. I just want people to be able to purchase authentic essential oils. It’s very dangerous to use essential oils that are not pure. They can contain toxic chemicals that can really hurt your health.

  8. I recently bought their “Top 8 Basic Sampler Gift Set”.

    I agree essential oils from Radha Beauty are cheap and obviously adulterated. These are fake essential oils! I bought them off Amazon because they were so cheap. Wish I never would have tried them.

    Learn from my mistake and avoid Radha Beauty! The good news is I did get my money back on Amazon.

  9. I purchased a Radha Beauty lemongrass oil in the past. I put some drops in my diffuser and got very ill and dizzy. Tried it a second time and with the same results. I still have the bottle and read your reviews.

    1. Hey Marlene,

      Lemongrass is one of my favorite essential oils. One of the best things about lemongrass is it’s one of the cheaper oils. I highly suspect that Radha Beauty’s essential oils are adulterated or even synthetic. Perhaps this could be why you felt ill after diffusing them.

      Clearly, I was impressed with them and won’t use them again.

      Have you tried any other brands of essential oil?

  10. Radha Beaty’s essential oils are cheap. I bought a set on Amazon. Got a set that contains 18 essential oils.

    The smell was way off. Most of them gave me a headache. These essential oils are fake by Radha Beauty. Their essential oils are about a dollar a bottle, but they are worth about .01 a bottle.

    Avoid. Total scam. Radha Beauty is selling fake essential oils. Don’t get conned out of your money as I did!

  11. I was having sleeping problems and bought a cheap diffuser (not from them) and a 6 pack of oils from them. I never really knew the difference because I was just trying it as an experiment so I didnt wanna go spend a bunch of money on oils I might not ever use again. So I bought these because they were cheap. I noticed how some of them smelled bad but I just thought that’s how all oils are. I found another brand on sale and they worked so much better and didnt smell bad so I decided to come look at reviews. Turns out the Radha ones were just fake. Thanks a lot for the help.

    1. Hey Allison,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback on Radha and their essential oils. A lot of people are surprised to hear just how different the quality is between different brands of essential oils. Yeah, they might be cheap, but as you have stated they smell like chemicals were put in them.

      It’s sad that they put up fake reviews. If they would just provide pure oils they wouldn’t have to try so hard to fake that they are pure and don’t contain any chemicals.

  12. A friend gave me some of these oils. She only used so many and knew that I used essential oils. I am hesitate to use them, now after reading this review I will not be using them. I will only use Eden’s Garden. Thank you for this review

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