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Rocky Mountain Essential Oils Reviews

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils Reviews

I have run across a few Rocky Mountain Oils reviews online, but I promise this will be the most complete review you have read on them.

Rocky Mountain Oils ReviewsThey are one of the older essential oil companies that sell a plethora of single oils, blends, skin care products, and even supplements.

I get asked about them all the time so I figured it was time to write a review of Rocky Mountain Oils.

So, let me tell you a little bit more about them.

Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) was founded in 2004. They are headquartered out of Orem, Utah. A group of health enthusiasts were set out on a mission to create essential oils that are safe, pure, and could be used for the entire family.

They have a very strict quality control process to ensure the quality of their essential oils. First, they test their oils with their in-house laboratory, and then they send it to a third-party lab.

Rocky Mountain Oils does have a rewards program that does allow you to save money throughout the year. It has to 3 levels to it and depending on how much you spent can end up saving you a substantial amount of money.

Unlike doTERRA (see review) and Young Living (see review), Rocky Mountain Oils does not operate on an MLM business model.  In fact, they are very proud that they are not an MLM company. Each and every order includes free shipping and they are a prominent name in the essential oils industry.

RMO has certainly paved a name for themselves and I am going to break down the company piece by piece so that you can decide if you want to use them or not.

Rocky Mountain Oils Pros

  • Established In 2004. (best essential oil brands)
  • Very High-Quality Oils.
  • Third-party Testing.
  • Organic Essential Oils.
  • Rewards Program.
  • Free Shipping On All Orders.
  • 90 Day Money-back Guarantee.
  • Can Check GC/MS Test Online.

Rocky Mountain Oils Cons

  • Higher Priced Essential Oils.
  • Kids Line Only Roll-ons.

Rocky Mountain Oils Bottle

So, I have been purchasing their essential oils for a while now. For this example, I am going to show you what is included in the bottle of rosemary (one of my favorite essential oils).

First, the name “Rosemary” is printed on the bottle along with its Latin name Rosmarinus Officinalis. Then the bottle size which in my case is a 15 mL bottle. Most of their bottles come in only the 15 mL size, but smaller ones like rose, Roman chamomile, jasmine, neroli, and melissa come in 5 mL bottles.

Then on the side of the bottle, you will see an image for “diffuse” and “topical”. In this instance, it means you can use rosemary topically or by diffusing it.

The words “Supplement Facts” are printed on the side label which shows a serving size is 1 drop and there are 250 drops per bottle. The part of the plant that rosemary is extracted from is the flower.

There is a warning message that states “consult a medical practitioner for suggested use” and a link to their website

Then, there is a “Guaranteed S.A.A.F.E. label and a barcode on the bottle.  I will discuss what this means more a little in this review.

On the top of the cap, the name of the essential oil is stamped on the bottle. This does make it easy to find the essential oil you’re looking for.

Rocky Mountain Oils Purity Test

If you have read any of my essential oils reviews you know that companies like Radha Beauty, Green Health, an ArtNaturals sell cheap adulterated essential oils. It’s actually quite sad that so many companies in the industry will sell adulterated essential oils.  There is no governing body in the industry; therefore there is a huge problem with adulterated or synthetic oils.

If you are using essential oils and want to reap the health benefits of them you want the essential oils to be pure. See this article on the purity of essential oils and why it matters.

As I have already mentioned there are companies that write the words “100% pure”, “therapeutic grade”, etc. on their bottles of oils. Rocky Mountain Oils doesn’t print the words “pure” or anything like that on their essential oils.  Now, I am going to prove to you that RMO’s essential oils are pure.

GC/MS Testing & Proof

In order to find the chemical compounds that are in a bottle of essential oil, you need to test it. This is called a GC/MS test. It stands for “Gas Chromatography” (GC). MS means Mass Spectrometry.

Basically, without getting too scientific on you it analyzes the substances in the oil and spits out key data which will show you all the compounds that are being tested.

When you go to their website you can search through all of their essential oils and RMO does provide a GC/MS test.

For example, lemon essential oil has a “test results” tab on their product page. When you click on it you can see the test results.

Here is an example of the GC/MS test:

Rocky Mountain Oils GC/MS Lemon Test

Also, you can check batch specific GC/MS test. Click here. Then you simply enter in your batch number.  The batch number is located on the bottom of the bottle.

Third-party Testing

A lot of companies in the industry will have an in-house chemist test their essential oils. This isn’t the preferred way to do it, though. Instead, you want a third-party laboratory to test the essential oils. This is a quality control protocol that a lot of the better essential oil brands are doing.

Rocky Mountain Oils does use third-party testing.

Organic Essential Oils

It’s always nice if an essential oil company offers organic essential oils. Typically, you’re going to expect to pay a little bit more for organic essential oils.

One of the best things about organic essential oils is there isn’t any chance that they are going to contain any pesticides or anything in them.

Rocky Mountain Oils does offer “USDA Organic” essential oils. They currently offer 10 organic essential oils, which are available in two different gift sets. They have a 6 piece gift set and a four-piece gift set. You do get a savings of 20% when you purchase their organic essential oils in a gift set, too.

I have personally tried out peppermint, grapefruit, and frankincense and was amazed at the quality of these essential oils.

S.A.A.F.E. Promise

Guaranteed S.A.A.F.E.

As I have mentioned earlier in this Rocky Mountain Oils review they do third-party testing. This helps to establish a quality control for their customers. But, RMO has a S.A.A.F.E. Promise. This means:

S stands for satisfaction. RMO wants you to be 100% satisfied with their products. Therefore, they guarantee that their products are going to be potent and pure.

A stands for authentic. They buy only the highest quality raw ingredients to carefully craft their essential oils. RMO has very strict quality control guidelines. They test every sample before putting the product on the market for purchase.

A stands for analysis. RMO uses GC/MS testing. Their essential oils are tested in a third-party laboratory.

F stands for free of adulterants. You can trust 100% that their oils will be free of adulterants. They internally test their oils prior to sending them out to a third-party laboratory for GC/MS testing.

E stands for effective and pure. If the oil didn’t get passed as pure it won’t be sold.

Rocky Mountain Oils Smell Test

So, I always test essential oils from every company I review. I use their products in my diffuser (see my best diffusers article).  I have used them topically, created shampoo, lotions, etc.

So, for a solid month or so I would diffuser rosemary and peppermint in my URPOWER diffuser while I worked. Peppermint is an essential oil that should stimulate you (along with other health benefits). Rosemary is an essential oil that should help you learn (along with other health benefits).

The smell was very potent with Rocky Mountain Oils. Meaning, usually I put in 7-10 drops with other companies essential oils. However, with RMO I only put in about 4-5 drops. The scent was very strong and I did experience the stimulating and concentration properties that both essential oils contain.

Furthermore, I have used lavender, lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, grapefruit, etc. and noticed that the quality of these essential oils is exceptional. RMO certainly has some of the most high-quality essential oils that I have ever used.

Using Rocking Mountain Oils Internally

There are a handful of companies that actually recommend the internal use of essential oils.

The FDA has very tough regulations on using essential oils internally.  Many certified aromatherapist will advise against using essential oils internally.  But, really it’s a pretty complex subject, which you can find out more information here.

However, RMO does not recommend using essential oils internally. They do suggest that you contact a certified aromatherapist prior to internal use. It’s also recommended that you consult your doctor prior to using essential oils internally.

Rocky Mountain Oils Products

RMO does offer 82 single blends. They do have over 60 blends of synergies. These blends can be helpful with relieving depression symptoms, stress, fatigue, sleep issues, strengthening your immune system, skin care, acne control, and pain relief.

Electrical Diffusers

Rocky Mountain Oils does offer 7 different electronic diffusers. They range from $20-$70 dollars. After, carefully looking at their diffusers it looks like they do sell diffuser that was created by GreenAir, Scent Living, and Sparoom.  But, they do have a few that they have created.

Droplet Diffuser

The “Droplet Diffuser” is an awesome diffuser for the cheap price tag of under $25, though. It’s a smaller diffuser that holds 150 mL of water but covers 400 square feet. It can run for up to 6 hours with continuous usage.

It has color rotating modes (green, purple, red, and blue). Each can be fixed and you can easily turn the colors off if you want. What I really like about this ultrasonic diffuser is it is powered by USB. Therefore, I can easily plug it into my laptop and use it. Also, it’s a pretty small diffuser that you can even put in your cup holder in your car. The dimensions are 4” X 4” X 3.75”.

It’s a BPA free plastic diffuser that comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, too.

Starter Sets

If you’re looking to get started with essential oils there can be a lot to choose from.

Beginners that are looking to get started using essential oils would be interested in a starter kit.

RMO does offer lots of different starter kits. However, one that a lot of people would be interested in is the “Single Essential Kit”. It comes with 4 15 mL bottles. They include lavender, lemon, peppermint, and tea tree.

For the money, this is a set that has a lot of value.

Essential Oils For Kids

Rocky Mountain Oils does sell roll-ons for kids, too. Meaning, these roll-ons are safe for children to apply them topically. Typically, their roll-ons are $14.95 a piece. However, RMO does have a “Kids Daily Kit” where you do get the roll-ons for a reduced price.

Also, they do have a “Kids Line Complete Kit” where you do get all 9 of their roll-ons.

I do wish that RMO did offer synergy blends that are safe for kids to use aromatically, though.

Home Cleaning Products

Personally, I am not a fan of household cleaning products that contain chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to our body. I have been making my own homemade cleaners for years (see this article).

But, Rocky Mountain Oils does have a line called Ava Shield. This simply their own cleaning line which does include:

  • Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate.
  • Foaming Hand Soap.
  • Toothpaste.

Their Ava Shield home clean products use their blend “Immune Strength”. It’s a blend that was carefully crafted to keep you well. So, it should be no surprise that it is used in the cleaners and soaps.

Infused Supplements

RMO does sell infused supplements, too. They sell 5 different supplements:

  • Burst. This is a natural energy supplement. They can help increase energy levels, stamina, and aid in healthy weight loss.
  • Enhance. This is an Omega supplement. It has Omegas 3,5,6,7, 9, along with Vitamin D and E. It can help with brain function, immune function, promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.
  • Nourish. This is a multivitamin supplement. It has amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and their signature Flu Time essential oil blend.
  • Replenish. This is a probiotic supplement. It contains 11 billion live cultures from 9 unique probiotic strains to improve your digestive health.
  • Defend. This is an immunity supplement. It helps to protect your immune system from seasonal threats and environmental threats. It comes jam-packed with antioxidants.

Lastly, you can purchase their entire collection and get a 30% discount.

Rocky Mountain Oils Customer Support

It’s always good to be able to reach out to a company if you have questions about their products. Many people that are new to essential oils have questions. RMO has a lot of useful information on their website at: which can teach you everything you need to know about essential oils.

You can contact Rocky Mountain Oils through their form on their contact us page. Also, you can call them at 1-866-493-8159 between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday.

RMO does have a 90-day return policy. If you are unhappy with your product you can return it for a full refund. Even if it’s opened you can still get a full refund.

Rocky Mountain Oils Price

My Rocky Mountain Oils review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning their price tag. The price should always be something you consider when purchasing essential oils. One of the few cons to RMO is their essential oils are on the higher end. Here is a price comparison with other brands in the industry:

Rocky Mountain Oils Price Comparison

The below tested essential oils are for the essential oil lemongrass.
Rocky Mountain Oils(15ml)$10.95
Mountain Rose Herbs (15 ml)$5.25
Plant Therapy (10ml)$7.95
Eden's Garden (10ml)$9.95
Aura Cacia (15ml)$13.32
Ancient Apothecary (15ml)$15.30

But, they do have a competitive rewards program.

Rewards Program

One way you can save money with Rocky Mountain Oils is by joining their loyalty program. Any customers that are 18 years or older that sign up with an account through their website automatically get signed up for their “Club Oil’ty”.

There are three different levels to their club. They are preferred premium and elite. Each new member does start at the preferred level. Here is a screenshot to show you the discounts you get for the points you earn with RMO:

Rocky Mountain Oils Rewards

You do earn 1 point per dollar that you spend with Rocky Mountain Oils. When you start up an account you do get 30 points. You can receive 30 points for liking them on Facebook and following them on Instagram (60 points total).

For every friend you refer to them that spends $25 or more you do get 200 points. Also, you do get 100 points automatically on your birthday, too.

Lastly, points do not expire.

Rocky Mountain Oils Final Thoughts

Do I recommend Rocky Mountain Oils? You bet I do! They are a well-respected name in the industry. They have some of the strictest quality control guidelines in the industry. Their essential oils are internally tested and then third-party tested.

RMO essential oils are some of the highest quality essential oils you can purchase. I’m so happy with the oils I have purchased from them over the years. Not to mention you get free shipping on all orders and their rewards program is great for saving money.

However, the prices are a bit higher with RMO and it might not fit into some peoples budget. If that is you and you can’t afford them I would highly recommend Plant Therapy (see review) and Edens Garden (see review). Both of those companies also sell high-quality essential oils at a cheaper price-tag.

Do you have experience with Rocky Mountain Oils? I would love to hear about it. Please a leave a comment down below.

Rocky Mountain Oils Review
  • Product Quality
  • Price
  • Range of Products
  • Customer Support
  • Value For Money


Rocky Mountain Oils is one of the most trusted brands in the industry.  They have high-quality essential oils and an excellent rewards program.  I highly recommend them!

20 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Essential Oils Reviews

  1. Wow super impressed with Rocky Mountain’s powerful smell! 

    I love essential oils but one drawback about most of them that I use is that some companies tend to dilute them to cut cost, making their aroma strength less powerful. 

    I have a sinus infection and my doctors told me that I need to use a cool or warm soothing smell for aroma therapy to reduce my nose blockage and that I can’t be anywhere near dust.

    My favorite is tea tree because it is so soothing and it has a mild cool smell which is good for my nose. It seems a bit pricey but hey, all quality things have a heavy price tag. 

    1. Hey Riaz,

      You are spot on that companies dilute their essential oils. Some companies adulterate them with various chemicals. But, other companies will actually make synthetic chemicals in them. These synthetic chemicals aren’t really found in nature. Thankfully, Rocky Mountain Oils does not adulterate their essential oils. They are 100% pure.

      Sorry to hear about a sinus infection. I have had one of those in the past and it was tough. Try using eucalyptus and peppermint to inhale. This is a good way to help relieve symptoms from sinus infections.

  2. Hi there!  This is a great introduction for Rocky Mountain Oils.  My better half uses these essential oils quite a bit and surprisingly, Rocky Mountain Oils has come up in quite a few conversations lately.  One point I would like to pass on, price is relative to the product, and Rocky Mountain’s price point is perfect.   So if they seem a little expensive, inferior quality is more expensive.  I did notice Rocky Mountain Oils has infused supplements, which is something I have been contemplating lately, I think I’ll start out with the Burst!  

    1. Hey Steve,

      Your wife has an excellent taste in essential oils if she is using Rocky Mountain Oils. They are some of the best quality essential oils in the industry.

      It’s always best to pay a little more for a good quality oil. There are lots of cheaper brands, but unfortunately, their others essential oils are synthetic or adulterated.

      I haven’t tried out their supplements. But, they are reasonably priced.

  3. High quality essential oil is worth paying a little extra for.  This is why I love Rocky Mountain Oils.  I have used them for 6 months now and love them.  I use lavender, lemon, and peppermint every single day.  I did not know that Rosemary would help you learn and have other benefits.  

    The infused supplements would be a good way to get some natural energy and help with brain function.  Protecting the immune system is essential if we don’t want to keep getting sick especially during the colder months.  Eucalyptus is one of the best essential oils for keeping sicknesses away.

    1. Hey Shy,

      Good to hear that you are happy with Rocky Mountain Oils. They are certainly worth the money. I agree that it worth paying for quality essential oils. To many people make the mistake of using essential oils that are cheaper. Sadly, 9 times out 10 cheaper essential oils are adulterated or synthetic.

      Yeah, rosemary is one of my favorite essential oils. It’s great for helping you learn, remaining focused, amongst many other things.

  4. Wow thanks a lot for writing this Rocky Mountain Oils review!

    Been researching essential oils a lot and I want to start using them for the many health benefits that they have.

    I’ve narrowed my decision down to two different companies.  How do you think Rocky Mountain Oils vs Plant Therapy compares to each other?    

    1. Both Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oils are awesome companies.

      I have used both companies over the years. I do recommend both of them. The prices are going to be cheaper with Plant Therapy, though. RMO does sell their oils in 15 ml bottles, though. Plant Therapy sells them in 10 ml, 1 oz, and 3.3 ml. So, you do have a little more options on sizes with Plant Therapy, though. I give a slight edge to RMO for the quality of their essential oils, though.

  5. Rocky Mountain Oils is awesome!  I’ve used them for 2 years now.  I use lavender all the time.  

    But, in regards to their diffuser for $20.  It’s a really good diffuser.  I have tried a lot of different cheap ones on Amazon over the years.  It literally pays to get a high quality diffuser from a respectable brand.  

    In my opinion the cheap ones on Amazon aren’t really worth it.

  6. Thanks for this article, and good to know that they are not an MLM. Although I don’t have anything sour about MLMs, I like it when I learn that the company responsible for the product I am buying isn’t an MLM because, most of these companies, they tend to not last long. 

    With regard to the product, I was searching on the web about natural oils like these, for the purpose that I am going to use the oil for massaging my scalp to rejuvenate my hair and reverse balding. As I read through the article, I didn’t notice any mention about these oils being used for the treatment of alopecia or balding. 

    Can they be used? 

    Have you heard testimonies about their effectiveness in reviving retired hair follicles?

    1. Hey Gomer,

      I don’t agree with saying that MLM companies don’t last long at least in the essential oil industry. For instance, both Young Living and doTERRA have been around for quite some time now. However, maybe more so in other industries MLM’s don’t stay around as long.

      For hair loss, you want to use rosemary and peppermint. It’s a good way to help combat alopecia. I have actually written an article on essential oils and shampoos which you can check out here:

  7. I buy a lot of citrus essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils. For instance, I buy sweet orange, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, etc.

    In the past years I have bought essential oils from NOW foods. Don’t get me wrong their essential oils were cheaper. But, with Rocky Mountain Oils you can trust that the quality is much better.

  8. I’ve just placed my order on 11/24 and it was delivered on 11/27.  That is pretty impressive.  I wasn’t expecting to receive it that quickly.  

    I’ve been using Young Living for the past couple years, but  I think I might be switching to RMO.  

    Also, from the oils I have received the quality of the oils seems to be GREAT!

    1. Hey Arthur,

      Good to see that you are happy with your essential oils from RMO. 3 days is pretty impressive for getting your order. Also, it was during the holiday season. Usually, from my experience shipping only takes 2 days.

  9. Hello there,

    Great detailed article about RMO. I have heard of the company before but have not bought their product. And no kidding, after reading your review, I will be trying them out.

    What I find really great is the fact that the company has been around for a while – trust and  this  is big. Another thing that I like is the manufacturing process guidelines – very impressive – the SAAFE promise.  The next thing on my list of positives is the labeling…I love to know what’s inside a bottle that I am planning on using. I like the bio names and the suggested uses – awesome.


  10. I found your article concerning Rocky Mountain Oils very informative.  One aspect of their business that is certainly important for the user is the care with which they are made and their quality.  What particularly impressed me was the use of a third-party external laboratory for testing.  I was also amazed by the gas chromatography evaluation of one of their products – lemon essential oil.  The number of contents seems overwhelming.

    You also point out in the article the sad fact that so many other companies produced adulterated essential oils.  It would be hard to know what is in another adulterated product as they do not offer third party evaluation.

    I was also interested in the different kinds of diffusers available, and that Rocky Mountain Oils offers seven different kinds at various price ranges.  

    I am wondering if essential oils can be used with diffuser for helping to relax before sleep?  That might be a real help to patients with insomnia.

    Thanks again – Dave.

  11. I have heard of Rocky Mountain Oils before.  My wife actually uses them.  However, didn’t they have a different name before being called Rocky Mountain Oils?  I think they were names something else.  At least my wife thought so, but then again she knows more about essential oils than me.

  12. I do diffuse peppermint every single day in my ultrasonic diffuser.  It smells amazing.  I am so glad that I found Rocky Mountain Oils a couple of months ago.  I tried a few other cheap companies on Amazon prior to using RMO.  I was instantly amazed at how much more potent their oils are verses cheaper ones on Amazon.  Who knew there good be that big of a difference between brands of essential oils?

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